How Do You Rest In the Off-season?

I’m going to be taking a 2-3 month rest from pitching because I haven’t rested all year. However, I have no clue what to do. Should I keep off of baseball, keep practicing pitching, only have a catch, or something else?

You should probably keep throwing if its going to be THAT long.

My coach says I have to take 6-8 weeks off, but it’s probably gonna be 4. 2-3 months seem very long.

The University of North Florida recommends 6 weeks of “active rest”. What that means is continue conditioning, remain as active as possible (My son uses that period to work on his hitting…and social skills :lol: as well as investige just how many things he can do without getting on the bump). The purpose is to allow all components of his arm/shoulder to heal completely. UNF and I know that it is very tough to not pitch, but you have to ask yourself what is more important, you can only push your body so far, once it starts to break down it is a much longer road to recovery and potentially never getting back to “right” if you push it too far.

I agree with jd. Active rest can be playing another sport, doing light cardio, etc. But I think it’s VERY important to take some time off from throwing, especially if you’ve pitched a lot of innings during the season. The “more is better” mentality doesn’t work here. Sometimes, taking time off is the best plan. I recommend 8 weeks minimum. That’s 2 months. That’s what I did.

Well I do have travel basketball coming up so that’s a plus.

And after you take the time off from throwing as JD and Steven have suggested, then you need to start back up slowly. Work your way back up to full intensity over time.

After my fall season is over around October 25, I stop throwing (Keep up my lifting, but no throwing) until about mid December. Then I start doing bandwork and building my arm strength back up. Around January 5-10, I begin my pitching lessons, and have 12 one hour long workouts over the next three months to build my armstrength back up to the point where I can throw 50-60 full speed pitches. From there, its to the school team where I get two or three games to throw 80+ pitches, and get my stamina and velocity where it needs to be for the season. Never been injured doing that

How do you do bandwork? I’ve never tried so any links or tips would be appreciated.