How do you pitch to a power bat?

The other game I was brought in in relief and had to face the league’s best hitter. Batting something like .730, 5 HR… monster of a kid, must be 6’4 200lbs.

I started him off with 2 curveballs, one for a strike one for a ball. Fastball which he hit foul, fastball for a ball, curveball for a ball, fastball up in the zone which he hit weakly to fly out to center field.

Just curious how to go about pitching to these kinds of guys for future reference? I basically just went with what my gut told me to throw and it worked out this time… maybe not so lucky the next time.

I liked your approach…pitch 'em backwards.

The only dicey part of the AB, which you obviously survived, was going to 3-2 on a curve, which sort of set the stage for your 3-2 FB. Sounds like he expected it, got it, but let you off the hook for throwing it.

It really depends on your repetoire. If you have two different types of fastballs I use both in that at bat, especially late in the game. I try to throw him at least one offspeed, although if I’m in a groove I go 3 straight fastballs (usually I do 2 seam down and away, 2 seam down and away, 4 seam up and in). If your confident with throwing him 2 straight curves to start the at bat then do it. But remember the situation, if you need to get him out then the last thing you want to do is get him into a 2-0 count and have him sit on your fastball.

What you did was good, pitch pitches that aren’t likely to be pitched, like a fastball count you can throw a curveball for a strike or throw a change up. Get in his head.

You could just read his swing. Every hitter has holes in his swing that you can pitch to and get him out. The only hitters that dont are the elite hitters and there are probably only a few if that many in any given league. With those you just change speeds and nibble corners. Hopefully, he will show you what he can’t hit and what he likes.

Depends on the situation and score. If first base is open with a small lead/tie, i’ll probably “intentionally unintentionally” put him on, miss off with some fastballs, curves. I also have very good stuff and attack pretty much everyone, but theres no sense in going after a guy like that when its better strategically to go after the next guy. With nobody on or a big lead, however, I’d most likely just go after him, and bust him in with a couple fastballs. Don’t let him get his hands extended on one, generally ameteur guys like that who tear up the league don’t know how to get around on an inside pitch very well, and that’s the spot you can get them out with.

like pitching to pujols, put him on if you can. if not, throw your best pitch and go back up third. make sure no one is on when he hits it out.

might try the ephus or dating his girlfriend to distract him

You talk about guttsy mam your crazy throwing a curveball for a strike on a guy like that. If you have a rediculasly powerful batter like that you need some inside junk and no matter what don’t run up the count, but if you do they expect a fastball for a strike so avoide that. Sounds like you got lucky here. Change speeds and don’t throw the same spot or pitch 2 times in a row. You have to keep these guys guessing. Good luck!