How do you manage?

For those of you who have played varsity and above, and you’ve had to go it alone … no pitching coach per se, how have you managed?

Let those who are coming up read and benefit from your experience(s).

Coach B.

Well, my story begins at age 17 when my baseball career had a near death experience. After injuring my elbow in the fall, I was cut from my varsity team. I threw 75 mph and had no control. Frankly this lit a fire under my butt. All I wanted to do was to prove myself and its been my mission ever since.

The most important thing that the pitcher without a pitching coach must realize is that you are the best pitching coach. You have the ability to feel what is going on with your delivery, a coach can only see. Using this feeling you can find your ideal delivery. This takes a tremendous amount of trial and error, and the stubbornness of a donkey. For example I have been experimenting with scap loading for the better part of a year, and only know have I began to find what I would define as my ideal arm action.

You have to be mentally tough and continually try to find ways to learn more things.