How do you grip/throw your splitter?

i put the horseshoe facing towards the batter, split my middle and index finger just outside the seams

thumb directly under and in the middle of the fingers

throw like a fastball

how about u?

I don’t throw one, but I was curious… Pheen, if you have a good splitter, how big are your hands? I have reletively small hands, so mine sucks.

i got pretty big hands

mine drops a good foot or so

if i throw it at tha batters knees it’ll drop down into the dirt

Yea see, I have really small hands and the only way I can make it drop at all is if I grip it forkball deep inbetween my hands. Even then, its only 5 or 6 inches of drop…

I jus grip like 2 seam, and well, split my fingers :slight_smile:

i have been working on a splitter and a forkball, im not sure which i like more, but i throw it basically the same way, as pheen, the horseshoe away from me and grip outside the seams with with my thumb on the bottom.

hold it like a two seam then just jam the ball between your fingers. Throw it with a firm wrist and i usually release it with my finger tips pointing straight to the catcher never up or down
I throw it at there head and it usually ends up by the knees. Thats like a 2 -4 foot drop…

RawTalent, what you’ve described is a forkball.

Like what most of the others are saying, i throw mine two seam with fingers on the outside of the seams resting comfortable, with slightly more pressure on the middle finger, throwing it like a fastball.

is the idea behind you putting more pressure with your middle to cause it to drop down, and slightly in?

Yeah thats the idea behind it. I was throwing it which normal pressure and it was almost a fast changeup, then added pressure and it dropped about 1-2feet and move away a fare bit. Which is good cos my 4 seam cuts in on the right hander (and im right handed)

o, so i guess that means you naturally pronate your wrist(i think thats the term), well whatever works.

Yeah, i didnt even know i was doing it until i thought about the reason behind it.

I start by holding it like a 2 seam fastball, slightly split my fingers apart, and center by thumb so it’s between the 2 fingers at the bottom of the ball (it’s usually a bit off center).