How do you get your coach to notice you more?

In my baseball team most of our players are pitchers. Its a 15 man team and id say that maybe 10 can pitch. In my opinion im a great pitcher. I can throw a good 2 seam fast ball and a changeup to get em swinging. Im still working on slider and curve. Its just i throw maybe 5-10 mph slower than our starter pitcher. That in my opinion is why he hasnt pitched me.

But main question how do you get your coach to give you the mound time you deserve?

what level are u pitching at and how old are u?

i know my highschool team sucked when i was a freshman and i got some time on the mound cause i threw hard and we were very short on pitchers. also when i played in a fun rec league the first day of practice i just said to the coach that i pitch and all and he let me throw the first practice and first game.

if its highschool than id just let ur actual time on the mound do the talking. if its rec than just say something


Its a traveling team. I guess its rec. The coach knows i pitch. In the park district league ive been pitching for about 7-8 years already. Ive pitched against his team so much. Its just hes got his pitchers already and i feel like im never gonna get that shot. Today i was on the bench for about 4 innings. Batted once. And played left field the innings i was in. No mound time. I feel so down. and yeah i didnt make my high school team. Cause i pitched slow or something. (15 years old)

The level im pitching at… Ive never gunned my self pitching. So i have no idea what my speed level is at. Im gonna convince my dad into buying a radar gun. But my level is not really high. I give up very little walks and mainly more strikeouts.

Also this traveling team coach is not using me because my district baseball team is a higher priority. The park league sucks so badly. All the good players are on my traveling team and my team is in last place. Its a JOKE. Ive been in situations where he would look at me when his pitcher is getting rocked and he goes “but Adrian is pitching for his team tomorrow. i cant use him up like that”. That really killed me. It just broke my heart when he said that.

Well its probably too much information but thanks.

Don’t go there, it’s a waste of your father’s money. On the other hand if slug’g it out with a paper route or doing other things to make your own money, then shelling out $150 or more for one of these things is a fair balance - go for it.

You’re going to find that YOU are not the most important thing that orbits an adult’s version of what should and shoudn’t be. Go a few steps up in the pecking order of the sports world and it gets even worse. Coaches, assistant coaches and staffers have a window on the world that’s kind of limited both in scope and purpose. And since your not invited into that world at the get go, it’s very difficult to assume what’s what.

I would suggest this:
1.) If you truely want to know what a coach is looking for - ask. Ask at the start of the season, " whatca look’n for skipper?" " You want just heaters, curver ball guys, control guys - what?"
2.) Listen carefully at how your question is answered. Does he bush you off with a “we’ll see”. If so, you’ve got your answer then and there - You’ll just have to wait and … see..
3.) Some coaches at the amateur level have little to say on who’s going to do what sometimes. Play a youngster for a few innings is just “expected” because of things that orbit the adult world, the organization’s makeup, sponsors and booster club pressure, politics, etc.
4.) You just may have an opinion of yourself that is not shared by those around you. This may be due to just “not fitting in”, talent in situtions that are a little better than you, or maybe the fielding team at the moment has a little better chemistry - you know … these youngsters seem to fire on all cyclinders when their together.

Last but no least is the “way things are”. Asking the moon to come out at high noon ain’t gonna happen no matter how hard we wish it so. Again, it’s just the way things are.

However, I’d say from reading your comments, you seem to be above average in the way you express yourself - beyond that of a 15 year old. So I would suggest using that imagination of yours to create a better time and place to get what you want. Get the gears moving between the ears and think you way out of this, into something that can generate some fun for you. I know that last remark sounds over simplistic, but just maybe, the simplest things can turn out to be not all that bad.

Coach B.

Well the reason why i was gonna convince my dad into buying one is because no one on any team that ive been in has one. He can use it on me and my younger brother too. But $150 is a lot to ask for. I have ten dollars saved right now. Long way to go.

But your right. I should ask what hes looking for and just wait and see. I ask people that ive pitched to on the traveling team and some say im good and some say im decent. So it could be that im not just fitting in. But your right Coach Baker. Thanks.

You have to start somewhere. Tell your coach you want a chance to show him what you can do. Maybe in an out of hand game he will put you in to give you your opportunity to shine. If you do your thing, he will gain more trust in you in more important situations. Just confront him and tell him you want to pitch and you WILL get mound time. Good Luck :wink:

no need to get a radar gun, anything u get is crap anyway for that money, itll be good to tell speeds between offspeed pitches and measure improvements but wont be the same speed as a stalker or jugs gun. if u want to know how hard u can throw, use google and find some local place that does it. there are plenty of baseball specialty shops and training places that will radar you and most will computer analyze your mechanics.

well, if you arent pitching than say u want to pitch. it cant get worse ur already not pitching so id just speak up, its not like its ur highschool team and ull me stuck on the bench for years to come if he takes it the wrong way. its a summer league to get some time in to improve. u cant improve much if u dont get on the mound in game situations.

Just let him know you want to pitch, trust me, I tried forever to become a pitcher, my first year of Legion ball I just kept throwing in the bullpen, never got to pitch, then my 2nd year there was a game that got out of hand and boom I’m on the mond on a minor league field pitching against Casper, shut them down, except for one kid who hit a knuck that I spun a mile.

Then what do you know in the conference tournament I’m used in relief two days in a row, pitched every week of fall ball and now this year I’m constantly on the mound in relief and occasionally for a start and I’ve been pitching well. Just wait for your chance and if you get it make sure you don’t waste it.

The last couple of nights have been crazy. I talked to the coaches kids about me pitching and out of nowhere the coach points out in front of the team that he wants to see me on the mound more and he’s going to start to pitch me. WOOT! this is gonna be a fun july for sure now.