How do you get these types of Videos?

I want to be able to post the videos that load and then continue to play over and over, but i don’t know how. I can put videos on youtube and photobucket. How do you get the videos like these?

You have to convert the file to a GIF file I use (Fast video to GIF SWF converter) do a search it was cheep.

I’m guessing you have to buy it? I just downloaded it but when i try to open a video it says “Can’t open this file”. Was the one you got $19.95?
I just want to make sure it is going to work before i get it. I don’t know if my parents will let me though. I have been getting a lot for baseball lately.

Yes I think that is the one.

ok thanks.

I dont know how technically proficient you are, but if money is an issue, there are ways to make animated gifs for free.

One that have used in the past uses freeware called The GIMP. You can find this by doing a quick Googling. Its free, which fits into a lot of people budgets. :slight_smile:

The GIMP is basically a shareware version of Photoshop. It is possible to use Photoshop to make the gifs as well, but i have never used it, so i cant comment on it.

First shoot some video. You need to cut the video into the pieces you want to make into gifs. If the video you shoot is in avi format, a great video editor is Virtual Dub. V-Dub will also help in the next step, which is saving the video as a series of jpg picture files.

In V-Dub, open the video, then click File>Save as image sequence

Choose jpeg when prompted, and a destination folder. Click OK.

One shortcoming of V-Dub is that it doesnt deal with Variable Bitrate Audio well. If you get a warning when opening the video file in VDub, just click ok or yes or whatever. We arent using the audio anyway.

(As an aside, VDub is also pretty good at converting, resizing, chopping and cropping video, and its free too :))

Bottom line is, however you do it, you need the video in question saved as a series of sequentially numbered .jpg files. Im sure there are many ways to do this.


Open Gimp.

1)Click File>Open and surf to the directory that your images are saved in. Open (double click) the first one.

2)The first pic will open in a separate window. IN THAT WINDOW (not the main Gimp window) click File>Open As Layers and browse to the directory where your jpgs are stored. Press Ctrl A to highlight all the jpgs, and click Open.

The Gimp will now open all the jpg files. Wait for a second until it finishes.

3)When its done, again in the picture window, NOT the main Gimp window, click Filters>Animation> Playback.

You can use this to preview your gif file. If the frames are to your liking, move on to the last step. If you want to delete frames, simply delete the jpg files from the folder, and redo steps 1-3. When done, you can close the Playback window without harming your work.

  1. Now that you are satisfied, again in the picture window, not the main Gimp window, click File > Save as…

You must choose a file name, AND type the file extension .gif. So, in the Name field you type this filename.gif Gimp is kind of funny about this, if you dont type the file extension, it will just save the file as an unspecified lump in your folder. Its a mistake i still constantly make.

Now choose a destination directory.

Then click Save.

You will be prompted to make some choices…

Choose “Save as Animation” and “Convert to indexed” (unless you want the gif file to be black and white, then choose “Convert to Greyscale”

Now click Export

Now more choices:

Make sure “loop forever” is checked.

Choose a framerate. Smaller numbers mean faster gifs. I think 40 is about normal speed. Experiment with it. You’ll figure it out. When you do, click Save,

Congrats! Your gif should be in your destination folder now.

Upload the gif file to a pic host (Photobucket, Tinypic, etc) and post the [IMG} code in the body of your post.

Here is one i made as i was making this post, to make sure it works…The time between images in this gif is 40 ms.

One note: The resulting gif file is going to be the same size as the pics that you save from the original video. You cannot resize gif files. If you want the gif file to be smaller, you must resize the pics before you start the Gimp part. A great picture editor (and again its FREE!) is Irfanview.

My parents were getting more annoyed than anything. I’m always looking at things and trying to explain what it does to them, and why i should get it. :roll: i will probably just get the converter to save some time. Thanks anyways. I know it probably took a long time.