How do you get ready in the bullpen?

When I get called to go in as the closer I run a few laps of the bullpen to get warm then do about 7-10 crow hops lightly to loosen up. Jump on the bullpen mound and start off with a 50% pitch, then 60, then 70 and so on to 100%. Then I throw a few at 100% and go FB, curve, FB, curve, curve, FB, CH, FB, CH and if I’m not already called in I match one pitch for every pitch the current pitcher throws. IE. He throws a change I throw a change, he throws curve I go curve.

Then when I get on the game mound I start off with a 50% pitch to get a feel for the mound. Then go to 80% then 100% and then mix in a change and 2 curves with FBs for the rest of the warm up pitches.

What do you do?

One of my old coaches used to give a big notice that I would go into to close, he told me if there was a shot for a save going into the 8th get ready. So in the 7th if it was looking like I would be going in, I’d put my headphones on, and take a jog from the mound to the plate than back. Than I’d take a couple warm up throws to get loose again. Than I’d throw 50% FB, 60% FB, 70%, 80%, 90%, 100%, 100%, 100%, than just a few 100% curves, and just throwing full speed all my pitches. I don’t know if ya’ll have ever tried it, but warming up with an Ipod on is probably the best thing I’ve ever found to get into the mindset.

Way back when, I was mainly a starting pitcher but I would often relieve between starts when the occasion arose. My warmup routine varied little; when I knew I would have to come into the game in the late innings (to protect a lead) I would simply do a more concentrated warmup—a couple of minutes of playing catch just to get the arm loosened up, then I would get going with my pitches, easy at first but gradually putting more and more stuff on them until I was throwing everything at full power, such as it was, and I would check out my pitches to see how they were working. If one of them wasn’t behaving itself, I’d put it aside and go with my other stuff—and I had plenty of other stuff. It would take maybe ten minutes, instead of the 20 I did when I was warming up to start the game. :slight_smile:

When i know im about to go get warmed up ill do some arm circles to get my arms loose. Some body squats get loose down there and hit the mound. throw a couple 60%ish pitches get warm and i usually end up at 100% after like the fourth. ill throw fb, fb, ch, ch, cb, cb. twice then end with 3 to 5 fastballs. then hit the game mound.

Get warm by running bullpen laps and then start with about 60% fastballs until I get to 100%, then I’m throwing knuck after knuck with a fastball every so often. On the mound I go FB,KB,KB,FB,CB,KB

here’s how it goes for me…

i’d start by playing catch lefty at half the distance all knucks just to get the feel for it… eventually stretching it till i get to the mound in the pen.

then its knucks all the way till i get to say 70-80%. then mixing in my slurve and fastball with the kball till i get to 100%.

then i move back to half distance to start playing catch with my right, all fastballs. reaching the mound again and slowly ramping it up to 80% then mixing in my slurve. if the control is good i try out my changeup/screw… but that’s still a new pitch…

once im up to 100% on the right side, then i start alternating arms with each pitch. L -Kball, R - Fastball, L slurve, R curve/slider, L fastball, R - change/screw.

then i keep repeating that sequence till im put in the game.

Our high school team usually struggled when it came to starting and relief pitching. So when our coaches wanted us in the pen, they’d always call down to us and tell us to hurry it up. Based off of that, I’d do a few light arm stretches before tossing a few behind the mound. Then I’d step up on the mound and pitch until I was happy with the movement and placement of my pitches.