How do you get good velocity

I am a 13 year old pitcher and I really want to know how to get good velocity since I am only about 5ft 2in. :frowning: I am also wondering if I should throw other pitches besides a 2,4 seam fastball and a change up. If so what would be the best third pitch.

im 13 and im the same size as u and i think along with other that u dont need any other ptch until you are at least 15. also, to gain velocity u need to work at it. like maybe tuffcuff in the offseason, tubing, or develop your own workout like i just did.

P.S. How fast do you throw?

I think that the best way to gain velocity at 13 is just to throw a lot of bullpens and wait. When I was 13 I basically just did bullpens and rotator cuff exercises. You’re probably going to naturally gain a lot of velocity over the next few years simply from growing and getting stronger.

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Long toss, playing catch, rotator cuff with tubing will help tremendously. I wouldn’t focus on too much your 13 don’t overload yourself. Try and get a video of your pitching and we can really help you out.