How Do You Generate Explosive Hip Rotation?

I don’t know how to generate explosive hip rotation and I really feel I need it. Any tips?

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Explosive hip rotation comes from having good momentum into foot plant and then abruptly bracing the front leg. Things like a high knee lift, a bit of counter-rotation, good posture and balance, and good timing all contribute.

How should I brace my leg? Also, how should I time it so that the wip or my hips cause whip in my shoulders?

Good question on bracing the leg. I suppose planting on a straight front leg would bring the front hip to a screeching halt and really cause the back hip to whip around the front hip. But that has other negative effects as well so I don’t recommend doing that. I teach planting on a bent front leg. Strength in the front leg will allow you to brace and firm up the front leg while moving faster down the hill.

As for the timing, you generally need to keep the hips closed as long as possible. For most pitchers, when the front foot opens up into foot plant, the hips will start to open as well. Their flexibility dictates it. The remainder of hip rotation will happen after foot plant and, ideally, after the front leg has braced as that will maximize the whipping effect of the back hip around the front hip. Avoiding things like balance and posture issues as well as dropping or flying open with the glove will give you the timing to stay closed.

Good point roger.

I have one thing to add If your mound is not average height you will not be able to have good powerfull hip rotation. It happens to me alot and it’s because the mechanics on red size mlb mound are different then on a flater mound. So if your mechanics feel like you can’t rotate around fast and comapct check the mounds.