How do you find a good youth pitching coach?

Any ideas on how to find a pitching coach for 10 & 11 year olds?
We need someone who knows pitching, and can work with and develop young players.

Is there any training facilites around you? Normally they have good pitching coaches. You might want to check your yellow pages and see.

Where are you located? I instruct in the Orlando area. With the help of people like Steve, I continue a 30 year run as a coach and instructor.


I’m asked this alot: “Anyone know of a good pitching coach in ______.”

My former agent, who is now in charge of all of the legal stuff for my Web sites, has suggested that I compile a list of instructors who are “The Complete Pitcher Certified.” In other words, guys who are good at teaching pitching, and do it in a way that’s in-line with the basics me and other pro’s use.

So, I’m currently working on that. In the mean time, use this forum to suggest instructors that have helped you. That way, every one can share – and benefit.

Here on the South Shore of Long Island we are working with Dave Von Ohlen. So far we are very happy with the results. He focuses on mechanics and we are seeing improvements in velocity and control in a very short time. These are 8th grade kids

PM me if you need contact info

In the Indianapolis Area I highly suggest

Rob Purvis

Formerly AAA with the White Sox and teammate of Mr. Ellis

Former pro Russ Morgan and Coach Mike Macchione in Utica, N.Y. were tops, as was Coach Bill Thurston at Amherst College in Amherst, Mass. If you ever get a change to head that way to work with Thurston, you’re in good hands! His contact info is on the Amherst College Web site.

I had a chance to listen to Bill Thurston speak about pitching. He is the guy in New England. I am there often for family and I help a couple of youth programs in the R.I. area. If you’re in the mass. area, get to his camps or speaking engagements.


Can anyone recommend an instructor in the San Bernardino County area of SoCal


To find a good pitching coach you should 1st ask around. Then you should go and watch the coach and see his style of teaching, and talk with him about developing your son.

Both pitching coaches my son has been two where very good. They first evaluated him and then developed a plan for him. Also I think it was very helpful that they also took the time to explain things that both my son and I understood, and encourage me to help him continue to improve.

North Florida? Rick Wilkens or Bob Shepherd, Central Fla College Coach O’Brian
Anywhere USA? Look for clinics in your paper or on the web at local colleges or universities , not that I knock baseball schools but remember that they aren’t the Salvation Army and are in a business. Look for someone that concentrates on drills and fundementals.