How do you feel about this guys' teachings?

I was just looking around youtube and this came up. He has several other videos but i didnt bother looking at them til i got the thumbs up from you guys.

Does he know what he’s talking about or is he just a moron ?

everything thing he said in that video seems to make sense…

however dick mills is a pretty controversial guy…

Dick Mills basically took the whole Lincecum mechanic theory, and applied it to everyone. Lincecums mechanics work for him, and maybe some others, but most people cannot consistently repeat those kind of mechanics, or even manipulate them correctly for increased velocity. Hes constantly preaching long leg drives and explosive core rotation because they are paramount in creating velocity… because nobody knew that beforehand…

Hes trying to sell a product just like everyone else, but I don’t paticuarly agree with what he teaches.

i have this video and it was produced before linc was in pro ball. it’s has some good information and some you may not use. it goes back to what works for you. if something works and you throw loose and pain free, i would use it.

I really subscribe to Mills’ idea regarding leg use and explosive movement toward the plate. I really don’t like to see slow. mechanical, cookie cutter pitchers. Mills’ ideas seem to let a pitcher be himself while building an explosive long stride. What he says about stride length seems relevant too.

Still shots of many big league pitchers show that long stride and explosive drive toward the plate.