How do you dance? (Girl Advice 2)

This is kind or a follow-up to “Girl Advice.” So we have our first dance on Friday and I need help.

  1. How do you dance? Modern-style. I mean it aint like the movies with knights and princesses when they do a waltz, is it?

  2. There are two grades above me. Wont they kind of push us out?

  3. So you now that shy girl in “Girl Advice”? Shes in my class. What now?

Great question!!

I have no idea and can’t wait for the answer. In my day, it was the “circle dance” to Stairway to Heaven while playing the drums on her bum. lol!!!

lol gettingthere. anyways i have no idea. ive never actually tried to dance.

id go to which is a great site. its where i learned my knucklecurve

Ok gettingthere… I dont want to find what would happen t me if I did that…

If you don’t know how to dance…don’t fake it…
Be an honest decent guy and the shy girls friend first…that means getting to know her and what she likes.
The grades above you will only “push” you if you steal their light…stay to your friends and don’t try to be “flashy” or get attention…most will laugh at you and someone will likely take you out back for a beat down if you get all in the way and act like a dork. Mostly just relax and observe, see what the others are doing and just have fun…if dancing is an interest, learn it…mostly the best you can do is not be a dweeb (As in don’t try to impress anyone…it NEVER EVER works) and just try to be yourself and have a good time.