How do you correct this or does it need to be dealt with?

Posted previously asking for feedback about head. Borrowed this still shot from Roger. This is a 16 year old rising Jr. My question is about the lean to the glove side. Current pitching instructor says not an issue, took to another for a second opinion and got same answer. Both say this is fairly common and not a cause for concern. If he needs to be more upright what is the best approach? His control is pretty good, walks few batters but does leave some balls up in the strike zone. Currently sits around 82-84 & tops out at 86.

Personally, I’d have to see how he got to that position to know if it’s a concern. When he loses his control does he miss up to the throwing arm side? If not, where does he seem to miss?

Most of his misses are high. Many are in the strike zone but not in a desirable location. Does have a tendency to come inside on right handed batters.

Fairly common? Sure. Not a concern? For me, it would be.

The lean will cost him at release point - it will pull his release point back. House claims every inch of inappropriate head movement costs 2 inches at release. Some folks don’t value getting the release point closer to home plate but it gives the batter less reaction time, creates later movement, and creates better movement due to getting to a stronger position to spin the ball.

Also, the lean can represent a misdirection of energy with his center of mass moving one direction while his arm tries to throw the ball in a different direction. This can affect control and velocity and can possibly become a health issue.

The first step to correct it would be to look at stride direction and starting position on the rubber. He could be setting himself up to lean right from the get-go. If there is an issue there, then the fix could be as easy as changing starting position on the rubber. It’s easier to change position than movement.

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He tends to start from his glove side of the rubber. He was previously an"over the top" pitcher until past off season when he began working towards a 3/4. He thinks he is throwing 3/4’s now which obviously is not the case. His lean and shoulder tilt have improved considerably as well as his control. I would like to see him in a more upright position but not sure how to go about it. I’ve read focusing on keeping the glove over the knee during stride is good but doesn’t seem to help with him. On the direction, he has a tendency to land slightly closed sometimes.

Sometimes in these situations the verbal cue of telling the pitcher to “throw side-arm” provides the right amount of correction to posture. The pitcher might think he’s throwing side-arm but won’t be. But his head and spine will be upright (enough).

Another option would be to show your son video of himself from the front or behind. Sometimes, seeing video will open their eyes and convince them that what they think they are feeling isn’t really what’s happening.

The sidearm is what was used when he first tried to bring his arm slot down, worked well. Your’re right about him thinking he was throwing sidearm but wasn’t. I agree with you on the lean and need to get the spine upright. Understand what you’re saying about pulling the release point back. Reason he struggles to release futher out front as pitching instructor desires. Don’t think high 3/4’s is bad but needs to work on posture. Appreciate you taking time to comment & the help. Will try to get some new video up first of the week. Will get front, side & rear this time around.