How do tryouts and getting cut work?


I have school tryouts on the 14th. Any idea of what I should expect? I’ve heard a lot of “being cut”. Is this at tryouts? Or do the coaches have another session for the better players and cut those?


Usually a team will have tryouts that last for a couple of days.
At our local school it was over three days. If it was really cold or there was snow on the ground it was held in a gym, which usually sucked.
Different coaches are looking for different things. Generally, they are going to ask guys to field balls…either ground balls or fly balls or both. I have seen some where they want to know your position before tryouts start and some run everyone through everything except pitching and catching. If you are going to pitch, you will have to pitch for them. Some do live BP style hitting and tee work.
One year the team here did running stuff…60 times ect day 1. Tee work, fielding work, BP hitting and pitchers work day 2 and scrimmaged day 3.
Usually a couple of days later they get everyone together and go over cuts. Most coaches will call guys in one by one and go over it real quick with them. Either say they see them on Varsity, JV or they are cut.
If the tryouts are to be held outside wear baseball pants and cleats. Guys showing up in shorts for a tryout will not go over well. I even saw one kid tryout in jeans and a hoodie one year.
Show up early before tryouts starts and get loose on your own and very important to hustle through the whole thing. If a ground ball gets between the legs don’t show you’re pissed or slump you shoulders…dont jog or walk to different work outs stations or whatever, always hustle dont show discouragement if things get a little pear shaped.


Think it’s different depending on your coach. Here the tryouts differ from year to year. They can be two days or two days a week over a couple of weeks. They normally start the day following the HS Baseball camp. Unofficially the camp is the start of tryouts and everyone pretty much knows it’s advisable to attend the couple of years prior and unofficially mandatory the year of. Been told when the coach only does a couple of days he’s largely made up his mind on selections. Years he extends the tryouts he’s less certain and needs more looks. He makes no cuts until final, announces on last day when the team will be posted which is normally on the door of the facility.


Going back to my days, the coaches would make cuts during the tryout session. “I have 20 uniforms to fill and there are over 30 of you here. You do the math.” It was pretty harsh. As soon as a kid was tapped out, everyone else elevated their game and did not want to be the next one tapped on the shoulder. My sophomore year, a kid was cut during warm up. The coach wanted to maximize his looks at the kids on the bubble and didn’t want to waste his time looking at kids with absolutely no chance to suit up.

It’s a little different now. Kids tryout all week and the cut is made at the very end. Congratulations you made the Varsity/JV roster or…Unfortunately we can’t keep everyone… I liked your blah, blah, blah. I think you should spend time developing blah, blah, blah. I see your role as blah, blah, blah. or…(if you didn’t make it) If you want a legitimate opportunity to make a roster next year, you need to blah, blah, blah.


It’s different for each school. I just had tryouts and at my school tryouts last a week and we have two plans. Plan A happens when the weather is nice and we try out after school for 3 hours. Plan B happens when there’s rainy weather and the field is wet and cannot be used. We tryout on our turf football field and the gym for 3 hours. At my school, we have 1st cuts which happens three days after tryouts and the people who are obviously not going to make it are talked to by the head coach and don’t participate for the rest of the week. On the last day of tryouts, after the coaches finish evaluating everyone who didn’t make 1st cut, we line up outside of the boys locker room and they call us in one by one into the office and tell us if we made the team or not and talk about stuff and the players have to exit out of the locker room in a different exit.


My son’s MS tryouts were three days. There were cuts after the day two and then the final roster was set at the end of the third day. The coaches posted rosters of those that made the cut a couple of hours after the end of the second and third day’s practices.