How Do They Do It?

I was just watching the Giants vs. Braves game, and A pitcher called Merkin Valdez was throwing 99mph with sick movement and made Chipper Jones Look silly. On every single fastball he threw it had movement, and it was coming 98mph+
Then Brian Wilson comes in and does the same thing 100mph fastball with movement.

How are they able to do it? How do they throw 98 with sick movement?
How are pitchers able to throw that fast in general. What is the key to doing that? what is the one thing they do to be able to do that. And stay healthy.

I was just amazed at what they are able to do…Thats why I love pitching and studying baseball

proper mechanics, proper conditioning, and lots and lots of hard work. And of course some natural god given talent doesn’t hurt either.

The movement that they have could be from a grip, a natural twist they do with their hands, grip pressure, a hand position that they learned, etc.
There are a ton of things you can do to make the ball move.

yea if you look at aaron harang from the reds, hes throwing 95 to 96 with almost no effort put into his delivery (hes 6 foot 7 weighing 261) i wish i had that build!

But some pitchers look out of shape big time. and still bring it 100mph
(Jonathan Broxton)