How do these numbers look?

So today for this college tryout we had a fitness evaluation. They tested Rested heart rate, stimulated heart rate, flexibility(sit and reach), body fat percentage, bench press at 135 lbs, and 60 times. So here are my numbers:

Rested Heart Rate:84 bpm
Stimulated Heart Rate(step drills for 3 min):119 bpm
Sit and reach: 15 (inches I guess)
body fat: I don’t remember my numbers.
Bench Press:5 reps
60: 7.54/7.5

Also I’m 6’2 180lbs so do these look good/decent/bad? Any feed back would be appreciated.

A big mistake a lot of folks make with numbers is, unless they’re relative to something, they mean nothing. In this case, what are the numbers of the other players at that tryout? Even if you only knew the numbers of the top and bottom players, it would give more meaning to yours.

First off, take a look at what scorekeeper said, numbers don’t mean anything without relativity.

I’ll give you what I think though:
-Rested heart rate could be lower, however I don’t know if your pulse rate is genetic or has something to do with how conditioned you are. Mine’s only around 60 or 66 bpm.

-Active heart rate seems good.

-Sit and reach, unless you’re insanely flexible it’s probably 15 cm not inches, a lot of people have trouble just touching their toes, let alone getting more than 10 inches past their feet! I’m considered fairly flexible and my highest sit and reach is around 7 inches.

-Bench press, 5 reps of how much weight? I don’t know much about weight lifting anyways but I’d be interested to know how much weight.

-60 seems good

-and 6’ 2" 180 seems like a good ht/wt ratio to me. I need to trim down I’m only 6’ but I’m 210

it’s hard to say from the information you posted…

based solely on your 60 time, you seem very slow-twitch.

Based on your height and weight, you don’t seem to be carrying a whole lot of muscle mass either.

I have no idea what your bench press weight is, so that is not very helpful, but if you were doing a test at 135lbs, then 5 reps is pretty low. If you were testing at 185lbs that’s pretty good and if it was a 225lb test that is great at ur bodyweight.

Prescription: increase total body strength, get that bodyweight up about 20 lbs, start training more explosively as well, take care of your nutrition and your arm. Sorry if my response is vague, but I will gladly expand upon it if you provide more details.

his post said the bench was at 135

Are you a pitcher or a position player?

When I was coming up through high school, a college coach told me that all those measurables were important for position players. For pitchers, the only number that mattered was what you hit on the gun.

That’s (obviously) simplistic, but realistically I don’t think it matters if you are performing on the field. I can’t imagine a college coach that will keep/cut/sit/start based on the numbers you posted.

If you’re asking more generally, then I am sorry I misinterpreted your question.

I missed that part :shock: