How do keep my hip and upper body closed?


Whenever I pitch, my foot, hips, and upper body flies open all the time. I feel like my arm is doing all the work. I tried doing drills like the wall drill and stuff like that but it just doesn’t help. Any advice and tips?? thanks.


If you can post some video you’ll get more precise feedback.


Could you describe your build? Are you slim, athletic, stocky, etc.?

Many amateur pitchers who are stocky and have a wide girth, will turn the upper part of their body before all else. It’s just a natural part of the human anatomy to do so.

Roger had an excellent suggestion - please post some video, close enough so that a good visual is presented.


Just like with hitting, you want to keep your hips parallel to the target line for as long as you can and get hand and front side separation.


I am 5’8 140 pounds, pretty skinny. I tried posting a vid but it says it doesnt support the format


Couple things:

  1. As mentioned above, only open your lead foot at last second, think show the pinstripe to home for as long as possible… the lift leg should be passive and should not be reaching out or swinging open, drive from the back leg and let the front leg act passively until your back hip drives forward upon extension of your drive foot. (Ride it out)
  2. Your glove side should go from a thumb down position to a twist up and slightly (slightly) pull in and stop… this now becomes the point that you block off your rotational movement and begin your linear movement towards home
  3. After you have completed the rotation of your shoulders you need to bring your chest and head towards your target as you throw. this ultimately brings your chest to your glove.

(Chest to glove, glove to chest, I don’t really care as long as it is understood to bring the final momentum towards your target)

There is a lot more involved, and none of the above can be accomplished without everything else. And everything needs to be done in the right sequence with the right tempo (timing between bottom half and top).

The concept is that you have to transition the rotational movement to a linear one towards home (your target). Both are vital. Pitching is a sequence and most issues start earlier than you think.