How do I train myself to extend my front leg and pitch off an extended front leg?

Preferably also with proper trunk tilt.

Don’t focus on extending your front leg. Think about getting your back side to drive your body forward, resulting in front leg landing closer to home plate. If you are driving your body forward, you won’t have to think about how you are going to pitch off the extended front leg because your upper body will already be there in proper position to throw.

I agree with CoachPaul. What you’re asking about should not be a focus - nor a “teach” by an instructor.

Either I’m missing something, or my question was misinterpreted. It seems you answered thinking I meant extending before front foot strike? I mean after front foot strike, as my knee leg never firms and just twists to my glove side as I follow through. Or am I missing something?

I’d need to see it.

Okay. Would you mind searching for my mechanics here on this sight? Theyre on here as “Daniel Ryan pitching analysis”. I would put the link although i can’t right now as I’m on my mobile device. Thanks for your time

Thanks, @2022Dad for posting the link. Mostly solid mechanics until the end when your glove side goes out toward 1st. It seems your finish lacks trunk flexion forward and your rotational energy pulls you off the targetline and you don’t get flat. Try to finish down the target line with a flat back. Your trunk is not firing properly into release. The towel drill, if executed properly and aggressively could help you with that. Also, more focus on back and core during workouts may help you really get the most from this change.