How Do I Throw a SLIDER?

Ok so i would like to learn a third pitch. And i have asked what i should throw before. But this time i want to lay down my personal thought and experiences… This is more of a rant than anything else :

             I have a fastball and a Splitter. While this combo has and can be effective every once and a while an opposing team gets a beat on them. I would like to learn a third pitch but i Have some things to consider first.
             I throw a 2-seam fastball only and it has good movement (but not always). For example  I was pitching in a playoff game agaisnt the probably most dominant hitting team in that league. I was getting knocked around a bit in the first until my fastball started moving..i couldnt figure out why tho u wansnt doing anything special. But it was moving ALOT more than usual...i recall the 4th batter going back and telling his team mate that i  didnt throw him a single fastball when in reality i threw  him 3 fastballs and a splitter. Anyways should i just maintain the 2 pitch combo and develope movement on my  fastball? 
             Now the Curveball has never been my cup of tea. I can throw it with decent movement but i lack consistency and control. A Change up wouldnt be bad other then the fact that it would be just like my spliter accept it would have a flatter break on it. So whats left? knuckleball? too hard....  ah yes.... the slider. I am really considering this. I came across this pitch on accident during a game. During one pitch   at the last moment my arm like...turned over like turning a door knob..... and the movement was pretty god.. enough to get a lucky K. the pitch started out outside cut into the outer half of the plate and then droped...the movement in itself wasnt all that big but it was effective. The problem with this is Since it happend by accident i probably wont be able to replicate it because this will be more of a forced action.

             In the end who knows...i could learn all the pitches I have listed and just become a jack of all trades on the mount eh?

How old are you? If your under 17 I wouldn’t throw a slider. You can always opt to a cutter.

Im 17 and I’ve already considered the danger of a slider. I was thinking Of throwing it Gyroball style. Since the hand is already in the slider slot it would provide less stress right? The only thing i would see going wrong is the fast that i would have less break.

Well the whole point of the gyro is to get a pitch that spins like a slider, but doesn’t break, which in turn jams the hitter. So yes, I would suggest you learn a slider, it sounds like a good third pitch, but no, do not throw it like a gyro.

I think all that is by the way is a pronating slider.

By the way, I like that graphic.

It doesn’t move because the pitch is a perfect spiral. Who says i need to get a perfect spiral? A slider spirals anyways , it is its imperfect spin that provides for break.

This is true as it has always been of the gyro ball. But i don’t even need to focus of the pronation although in my theory it would provide for more spin and more break on the ball. the whole point of my showing the graphic was to show how if i were to throw a slider as shown in that picture i would be able to throw it and make it safer on my arm.

learn the spitball and when somebody says you threw a spitball say its your splitter and just get away with it ala gaylord perry.

Please don’t do that. :smiley: :shock: :shock: :smiley:

I’m not an expert on sliders, probably being because I don’t throw it. I don’t think I can answer your question.

If you want the best answer to your question change your topic name in the edit feature. What you wrote won’t really wouldn’t get anyone’s attention. When I went into your topic I had no clue what you were talking about and saw how much I had to read and actually backed out of the topic then said no, I need to read it so that’s when I went back in and read it. Most people don’t have this time or are as nice as me to read every single topic equally.:wink: If I knew what the topic was about for sure would I have read your whole post. I’m not saying make your post shorter just make it so people know what your topics about. Try making it something like slider question, or help with the slider. Try calling it a pronating slider instead of a gyro-style, because in theory no one really knows what a gyro-ball is.

Yes, I agree, your title is very vauge. The Slider should be the pitch you learn, so just change the title to “How do you throw a slider”, and let some people who actually throw the pitch come and adress your problem, seeing as me and Bower do not.