How do I respond to my high school coach being a conventional teacher?


I made my high school team, solely from pitching. I did alright fielding and hitting. In the coaches’ words “we need a lot, and I mean a lot of work but I think you’re capable.” And he said I really would be able to make something out of pitching. However, he appears to be a conventional coach, of “hit a balance point and go” and such. What should I do?


Give more examples of what makes him a conventional coach. What does that even mean? The words he uses? His age? His gear is worn? I know it’s buzzy to say that on pitching sites selling magic bullets, but honestly what does conventional or unconventional actually mean in your mind?

In my experience, if a kid can throw strikes, handle his business and get the job done when given the ball… most coaches will basically stay out of his way.


He appears to be mid 60s. I’m not entirely sure he’s an old school coach, but wanted to know what to say if he was just in case. By old school, I mean the ideas of…

Come to a balance point and stop
Land in the “power position” showing the ball to CF
A short stride (YES, I have literally been taught this)
To stay on the rubber
To bend the front leg, to throw low in the zone

Examples like these, which completely ruined my mechanics a little over a year ago (I’ve yet to recover, as many members on this site can see by my current mechanics).


Yes, don’t listen to this coach. What you do is do what he wants when he’s looking and do what you think is right when he’s not. Do extra work at home on what you think your mechanics should be so his conventional mechanics aren’t muscle memory.