How do i overcome late inning relief

Hey im a Starter at Louisburg High School in Kansas and last night was my last game of the year they brought me in, in the middle of the 3rd inning we were losing and there were two men on next batter i faced i struck out then after that i walked a guy then i got rattled out there they hit me a lil harder then i got out of the inning giving up 2 runs 1 earned. then i came out again the next inning struck out the 1st batter the next ground out to 2nd then i walked another batter then hit a batter then he got a hit then i struckout the last batter to end the inning i gave up 2 runs then 2 earned. i cant help it i do not like relief but if they have to use me in late innings how do i overcome it.

Please send me some tips i need to work on this in Summer ball this year!


Classic question … and it’s a good one.

For the most part, you will NEVER be able to control “when” you’re called upon to pitch, especially at the higher levels. That’s up to the coach. It’s out of your control. So let it go.

What you CAN control (and all you should really be concerned with) is HOW you perform when you are given the opportunity to pitch. You must make the most of those opportunities. Doing so will give you the chance to pitch when you “want” to pitch.

Relieving is NEVER a bad thing. The quickest way to the majors, for sure. It’s a good experience to have because it’ll most likely be the way you’ll get there … not as a starting pitcher. In fact, most starters in college who are drafted (and they’re the best of the best) are turned into relievers in pro ball. The more comfortable you are with it, the better.

Keep doing what you’re doing, but change your attitude. You’ll get your shot.

ya exactly i have been impressing the coaches a lot lately before yesterdays games i had 4 Great Starts and won 3 of then 1 of those three i pitched the game of my life it was amazing the funnest game i have played in a long time. and since yesterday was the last two games every pitcher got to pitch some innings but we still lost both and we made history it was the first LHS All Freshman team ever. and i was one of the starters. but as of the control problem thats not a problem i will admitt i should have been out of those innings i had little help in the field and the coaches congratulated me for making them hit ground balls cuz thats my thing and its a saying too sandy kofax said this i believe but i cant really remember all of it. he said to pitch smart, make the batter swing, put it in the worst possible place he can hit it but its still a strike make him hit that ball save ur energy and that has gotten me here.

Whoa, slow down Sparky! Try to add a breather in your sentences (i.e. periods, capital letters :lol: ).

Anyway, loisburgrebels, it sounds to me that you have the stuff. You have won before. You were able to get out of relief situations safely multiple times. You have proven to your coach that you are a winner. I think your problem is that you haven’t proven it to yourself.
Sure, relief pitching may not be your cup-o’-tea, but it’s not all that bad. Some of the best pitchers out there are relievers. Look at Smoltzie! He went from starter to reliever to starter and back to reliever again. About 6 or so years ago, no one thought about him being a Hall of Famer, but now after his incredible years as a reliever, he’s considered first ballot to many.
I look at it this way, as long as you’re out there you’re helping the team do what it needs to do to win. And that’s the most important thing. Not winning, but being the best teammate you can be. Another note to consider is what Steve was talking about. That is, relief pitching may help you get to the big leagues. There is a pitching epidemic (well acording to MLB and their affiliates). So many times the starter has made it to the 6th or 7th giving up 2 or so runs and have it all blow up once a reliever comes in. This may be one of the best times to become a MLB player. Sure, you’ll may never become a MLB starter, but you’ll have a great chance of making a MLB team. That can’t be that bad, can it?
What I’m trying to say is to think about what you have and have accomplished when you are asked to step on the mound. Be that guy. The one who takes the ball when asked and shuts down the opponent.
You’ll find that once you begin to realize that and enjoy yourself out there that the possibilities are endless. And, you’ll have a better opportunity at getting asked to start. Even if you don’t, enjoy yourself out there anyway.
You’re playing baseball, the greatest sport in the world! Have fun out there!

Just dont get rattled . If people are hitting you or you are walking people you just have to calm down take a breather and throw strikes. When you get rattled it just ruins your game . When the batters see emmotion they no your getting wild. Dont show them that