How do i master my control

I have speed, but I have average control. How do I master my control?

practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice.

Control over pitching is more about getting a comfortable delivery then there actually being a “right way” to do something.

For example, I’m currently red shirting this year while undergoing a position change from catcher to pitcher. When I first began my bullpens this year I was having huge issues as far as control was concerned. However, I have been working on my delivery all year and have made HUGE gains in my overall control just because of the repititions.

Just as an FYI, control is not something that you only work on when you’re on a mound. Even when you are playing catch to warm up really focus on picking a spot on your partner and hitting it every time.

When I was a little snip (12 or so): Here’s something I used to do, and I still did it all through the years that I pitched because I found it an excellent way to sharpen my control. I would get a catcher, and either he would mark off in chalk a home plate and, 60’6" away, a pitcher’s rubber—or, if we had access to a playing field, I would take the mound and he would get behind the plate. Then we would play a game we called “ball and strike”. The catcher would position his mitt in various places—high, low, inside, outside, every which way but standing on his head ( :lol: ), and I had to concentrate on getting the ball into the pocket of the mitt. What a satisfying THWACK, to see and hear the ball get in there. I did this with all my pitches, at different speeds, and even using the crossfire move (this is something that works only with the sidearm delivery, which was how I threw everything). It was a terrific workout and a lot of fun besides, especially when the catcher would position his mitt around the plate and I would pretend there was a batter in the box.
You might try doing this; it would certainly help. 8)

Something I think a lot of us forget, you want to make sure your toe is pointing at your target when you land.