How do I look?

Please criticize and tell me what level I should look into playing at.

Are you from Patrick Henry like in Ohio???


how hard do you throw?
you could throw a little harder if you had more separation from your hips to your shoulders.

Havn’t been gunned since last summer. In this video I’m guessing around 84-86.

Only immediate thing I see is that at the top of your post you might be balling up your torso a little bit and then as you move to home your shoulders move back a little, impacting your balance and mechanics just a little.

What year in school are you?


d2 for sure if your sitting mid 80s as a junior, probably d1. but it all depends on your command/movement if your not throwing in the 90s.
or juco, if you wanted.
what are your aspirations?

My goal is to play in the MAC or even bigger. The video is after only 3 weeks of throwing. I took 3-4 months off because of football.

Overall very good! One of the best I’ve seen posted here. A few suggestions for you. First, be careful of your landing. Make sure you are landing just to the glove hand of a line from your post foot to the catcher. Second, from
the stretch the slide step takes away from your mechanics because it is
different than those used in the windup. You can use knee to knee from
the stretch to help gain momentum and be just a quick to the plate. You can even drop your hands to start from your belly button to gain quickness.
Lastly, make sure to use your back leg to gain momentum home. At your
height and weight, and what I see here, and given the fact you are a junior,
I don’t see why a D1 school is not possible. Your grades are also a big plus.

I think you lose a lot of power by collapsing your front leg too early. Check out your video. Watch how your back side wants to explode towards home plate, which is creating a ton of power. That’s a good thing. But when your front side collapses that power goes straight into the ground. Then if you watch your front leg straightens out, and your body lifts up.

All of your power is going down and up, as opposed to continuously exploding towards home plate.

Also watch your 2 seam and changeup. Watch your pitch at about 1:20. You can see a slight difference in your arm angle. As well with your changeup. Your arm slightly drops. I can’t slow down the frame on youtube, but you may be dropping your elbow below your shoulder, which will bring movement but at the expense of your shoulder health.

As you get to higher levels good hitters will pick up on that. These are all very fixable adjustments, but just realize they are there. As far as everything else, you look good. You’re great in school which is a huge plus, also your size is really going to help you.

Question, how come you pitch from the 1st base side of the rubber? What breaking ball do you throw?