How do i know what arm slot i throw from?

until coming to this site i have never bothered paying attention to arm slot i just want to know how i know what slot i throw from and if it’s 1 is worse then the other.

Arm slot alot o times you are taught to throw with a T and come over the top. However to me that is bull crap. The arm angle in pitching i=to me is based on comfort level, and how natural it comes and if it stresses out ur arm.

They say sidearm/submariners are at a disadvantage coming into the opposite batting hand but to me you can say that about anything. It all depends on deception and the stuff you throw

You can tell what arm-slot, or arm-angle, you have by looking at a photo of yourself taken at the moment you release the baseball.

Mo is right, no one arm-angle is “better” than another…check this out:

Every conceivable arm angle has been used successfully at the highest levels of baseball. There are plenty of pitching mechanics principles that are worth teaching, but arm-angle is not one of them.

Man I love that video. So simple yet really makes the point.

um, if youre used to throwing with one arm slot, then switch to another, it might be stressful on your moving joints (shoulder and elbow)

most outfielders are 3/4 or over the top, and most infielders throw sidearm

if you generally release the ball close to your head, your probably throwing somewhere around 3/4
if you release closer to 3/b or 1/b if your a lefty, then you probably are throwing low 3/4 or sidearm
then, if you release almost scraping your knuckles on the mound, then you throw with a “submarine” type pitching style

You’re all on the right track.
The whole point is simply that you need to find the arm slot, or arm angle, or whatever, that is comfortable and natural for you and that enables you to function on the mound—and stay with it. I have read so many posts from people who think you should throw one way or another, not to mention those who try to change your arm slot because that’s the way they do it or because they have an agenda of one kind of another, that I just want to scream or go through the roof or go somewhere to throw up! How many arms have been screwed up because of an ill-advised change of arm slot? And the guy who said that making a pitcher throw “over the top” for whatever reason is bullcrap is absolutely right…I can use that expression in several different languages, but none would have the same impact.
Ed Lopat—and I keep referring to him because he was an absolutely incredible pitching coach—said, again and again, that you should NOT mess with a pitcher’s natural motion. I was a true sidearmer—we’ve all seen some of those guys in action—and what Steady Eddie did was show me how to make the most of my natural delivery. Would that there were more like him, with that commonsense approach to coaching pitchers. 8)