How do I Improve Velocity and Accuracy?


I am 14, and looking for ways to naturally increase velocity and improve accuracy. Any tips???



Research has shown that there is a correlation between body weight and pitching velocity. One of the ways to naturally increase velocity is through building a good in-season, off-season, and nutrition training program. If you have never trained with weights before, start with a bodyweight training workout for pitchers. This should be a circuit training workout of 3 plus rounds that can be performed at least 4 times per week. The circuit should include a variety of squat work, push ups, planks, bridges, pull ups, leg raises, and rows to start. The circuit should also include at least 6 total exercises. After every week increase the circuit rounds by one. This is just a start. Remember though, whatever style workout you choose, make sure it is age appropriate and safe.



Get in the gym. It has helped me a lot. Also check out dr heenan’s 90mph formula posts on instagram, he posts a lot of very interesting and helpful pitching advise.


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Thank you, this gives me a good idea of where to start and continue form there!!!