How do I improve my composure?


By this I mean prevent getting rattled after walking someone; control anger. I’ve heard of the idea (from Steven) to only think of the current pitch. What are some other ways?


Breathing deep and slowly is important. Believe it or not smiling sends positive signals to your mind. Keep good posture and body language. Most importantly, positive self talk. Come up with some positive statements that you say to yourself that helps keep you focused and confident.


Visualization: visualize each pitch traveling along the intended path, having the intended movement (if any) and speed, and hitting the intended spot.

And here’s something to think about… If the other team thinks you’re on, they may be less confident at the plate. But if they think you don’t have your best stuff, their confidence goes up. Losing your composure sends the wrong message to the other team and boosts their confidence. Don’t help the other team!


Same here man. this umpire once threatened to throw me out of the game cause he thought i was yelling at him but i was actually yelling at myself haha. One thing i do is instead of just forgetting about any mistakes i made i learn from them. For example, if i have a guy down 0-2 and then throw 4 straight balls and walk him, i’ll just step off the mound and try to think about what i did wrong and how i’m gonna improve. Stepping off the mound and running your cleats through the grass is good to calm you down and focus.


try your best to keep one expression throughout the whole game. for me, I try something along the lines of “I’m gonna mow these guys down.” the way you stand on the rubber, the way you react to a base hit, a walk or a home run and the emotions you LET the opponents see determine how effective you are with your composure. if you can keep your emotions behind a determined face and body language the same way the entire game, no matter if things are in your favor or not. physically try to keep your body the exact same way as if you flew a 95 mph heater by the 4 whole guy, and this can actually trick your mind into feeling that confidence and composure during the game.


This is good stuff.

I used to keep a song I knew the words or some music rattling around in my head during the inning. I’d be thinking about my next pitch, visualizing it and humming some Phil Collins or have some catchy beat like the theme to Miami Vice or Magnum P.I. bouncing around in there. It could have just been something that I listened to in the car on the way to the game. Too many to count. It just kept me relaxed and able to think straight. I had my “boom box” with me during many bullpens wearing out my Foreigner or J. Geils Band cassettes :slight_smile:


“So what. Next pitch.”


You walk a runner, your throw a wild pitch or yet you throw a grand slam dinger. You yell at yourself what did I do wrong. You go over and over in your head. That ends up being the same as sliding on ice. You end up over correcting or repeating. Once the pitch is thrown, it’s now in the past. There is no need to dwell. By the time you get back to mound the only thing that needs to be in your mind is your next pitch and it’s location. The more you change yourself from the way you practice, which should be the same you play, you are no longer the same person now playing in someone else shoes.


Take opponent out of the equation make pitching between you and you. Train so hard during the week that the easiest thing you have to do all week is pitch in a game.


Sooner or later, everyone gets lit up. You may not have done anything wrong. Sometimes the hitter wins.