How do i get a scholarship to a division one schoo?

Hi i am going into my junior season and has moved to a team that does not have a high school baseball team or a community one. Baseballs not really high here hockey is. I am in Canada. I am a pitcher throws around 81-83 mph and tops out around 84 mph and am a lefty Going into my junior year. I am going to train hard my last two years to further improve my velocity and my breaking ball and on changing speeds. How do you guys think i can attain a division one scholarship?

where do you live? most cities have a premier league team you can try out for or sign up for a team at the closest city as most places in canada have acsess to baseball

i don’t think they do in upper bc

wheres the closest city? if you want you can PM me and ill try and find a program.
I dont know how far North you are but if you live near any of these cities you can play there. BTW where did you move from?