How difficult is it to be a coach?

I’ve heard and seen a lot of complaints over the years - even shouting and shoving matches, from all kinds of people and sponsors, with sour grapes towards a coach and his/her staff. So it got me wondering…

As a player, give me your honest opinion on how easy do you think it is to be an amateur baseball coach? I mean, is it all about being a babysitter, a “yes” man to anyone with a checkbook, a “yes” man to someone who knows important people, or how about someone who has a son or daughter on the field? Do you think this job attracts control freaks, or how about those with a bully’s attitude? Just asking?

So, from where sit, I guess it don’t take much between the ears to do this kind of work. All you need is a tough layer of skin, deaf ears, a little “who ya know…” and the job’s yours.

For those of you who play this game… not coaches, parents and so forth … what do you think of the coaching ranks that you’ve seen, and been part of? No general guessing now, just your own practical experience(s).

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