How did players like Roger Clemens and Randy Johnson throw their splitters?


I’ve heard you have a 2 seam grip and spread your fingers out a little bit more, then throw with a stiff wrist. Is it really this simple?




Yep, simple.
Most pitches are simple, just a matter of grip.
However, the splitter is a tough pitch on the elbow and I would recommend it not be thrown by someone who is not physically mature and or does not have a good base of throwing under them.
With any pitch the thing to remember is it takes time. Understanding the grip ect is part of it. Taking 3 or 6 months or a year to really learn a pitch is another. So many times I have seen kids go out and try a new pitch…try it 8 times and say “I can’t throw it.”. Great effort kid.


Thanks. My growth plates are closed and I’m done growing. Is it a good time to start throwing it?


While this seems to be a common thought, there is no evidence to back up the idea that the splitter is hard on the elbow - neither hypothetical or practical. I believe this to be an old coach’s tale equivalent to the idea that the curve is somehow harder on the elbow, another notion that ASMI attempted to support but found, through their own research, could not be supported by science or application.


Fair enough.
It is anecdotal I suppose.
Perhaps a better way of stating this sort of thing, in regards to any pitch really, is when it can be thrown correctly.