How did Jamie Moyer last so long?

As we all know Jamie Moyer, at 48 on the cusp of 49, had an injury that may of finally put an end to his career. We can never forget how good he was though. Starting out pitching a 94 mph fastball ands eventually going down to 88, he was still untouchable. He had great bonds with his catchers, and was one of the most humble pitchers in the MLB. When non followers of baseball hear about him they don’t thinks it’s true.

My only question is, how did he last so long?

EDIT:Changed his age (was typing fast on new keyboard :slight_smile:

Jamie isn’t quite that old;

But he is a great guy and a great (Don’t think he’s bound for the Hall) player, I watched him in the 80’s when he was a Cub, if he ever threw mid 90’s I never saw it…he was always a finess guy…but got er done, he lasted because he worked at his art, was lucky enough not to sustain injury or injuries that got him into rehabs (They are career killers, they sap desire and are very difficult periods for players to deal with). He also understood pitching and changing speeds…locating…he was a lefty and threw strikes…there has been a couple of lefties that have done it, Jamie the most recent. Bobby Ojeda was another, I think he had a 20 year career of mid inning relief with the Mets…energizer bunny stuff 8)

Yea my I was typing fast and didnt look over what I was typing.

His first year he was averaging around 90 and was just touching mid 90’s

at the end of his career he threw low 80’s

Moyer lasted so long because he figured out how to pitch with what he had. And he had tremendous control.

He’s not done yet.
Like Mariano Rivera, Jamie Moyer is a genuine freak of nature. And like Mariano Rivera, Jamie Moyer knows how to pitch. My guess is he’ll go one more season and then pack it in, leaving behind a terrific legacy.
Back in 1948, when Ed Lopat had just joined the Yankees, Joe Page—perhaps the first of the great closers—was with the team, and he kept getting on Lopat, ragging him constantly about his lack of speed, calling him names and telling him he threw nothing but junk. But one day Lopat stopped him: “Yeah, you’re right—I do throw junk. But look, Joe, you can go out there and get the batters out with the stuff you have (Page had one pitch, an overpowering fast ball). But to go out there and get them out with the stuff I have—that takes brains.” Page realized the truth of this and stopped getting on Lopat.
Maybe Moyer doesn’t have as much stuff as Lopat did, but he sure has a good arsenal, and he knows what to do with it. That’s why I say he’s not done yet. 8)

He is a freak of conditioning and a rubber arm, great understanding or his body and preparation.

perfect example of why command and the ability to change speeds leads to success