How come baseball players have the same mannerisms as cops?

Seriously. I’m not joking. I’ve been studying this for some time. Not academically or anything like that. If you look at cops and the way they talk and look and then you compare them to many baseball players, it is very similar. Like they got the whole strong silent type thing going on. They look all beefed up (sometimes from illegal substances) too. And they got those military looking haircuts going on. Watch an interview with a baseball player or a baseball manager once and close your eyes. You could swear it is a cop talking about baseball or something.

Don’t know what players you are looking at but strong, “Silent” types…I disagree with the silent part. Now on the haircuts etc. I think that there is a certain type of player that respects baseball and feels that a clean cut appearance is important. You look good, you play good…respect yourself, your team and the game by the way you look.