How Can You Work On This

How can you work on this in this video were he is moving all his momentum and still being balanced. Starting from :02-:03 sec.
He Leans back a little and just puts all his momentum and controls it through his delivery. How can you work on this fellas?

he cocks his hips during the knee lift. he could even have them cocked before he lifts his knee. as he comes out of the knee lift his weight is sitting on his back hip. then he just rides on his back hip and leg during the stride. lincecum does this hip cocking.

you can see how he cocks his hips during the knee lift…the thing is he doesn’t rotate the hips back toward the plate until he lands. He keeps them closed along with his shoulders during the stride. They open slightly when he is just about to land but he fully rotates them once he lands. I think what makes it look like he is rotating before landing is his back heel lifting.

If you wanna do this you have to have good control of your hips…like a belly dancer you need to be able to rotate your hips independently. during the knee lift you rotate your hips toward 2nd base but concentrate on putting as much weight as possible on your back leg and hip during the rotation. when your stride foot is coming down you drive toward the plate with your back leg and keeping your hips closed/cocked (slightly rotated toward 2nd base: they are closed in this position)

The uncoiling of the hips torso and shoulders back toward the plate is how you get your power.

Roy Halladay does this also:

So all it is basically is turning your hips towards 2nd base and keeping everything closed until hip rotation?


And I imagine your legs have to be really strong right?

yea, not only do they supply power but the stronger your legs are the easier it is to maintain balance throughout the delivery. watchin them do it on video makes it look easy. The stronger your legs are, the easier you make it look.

for me, when i cock my hips (rotate them toward 2nd base during the knee lift) my body naturally wants to drive toward the plate. In order to maintain balance and control so I don’t rush I bend my back leg a little and make sure my stride leg gets out in front of me before I do any significant amount of drive toward the plate.

cool, imma work towards doing it like felix

look at the tilt in his shoulders. how much higher the front shoulder is than the back as he begins moving toward the plate. there is some big time leverage there.

I really try to incorporate some stuff he does, I love his motion.
I think If I can do what he does my arm will love me.

yeah roy halladay always does it

It all boils down to getting your whole body into the action. A lot of pitchers have trouble because they throw with just the arm and the shoulder, when they should be driving off the lower half of the body, using the legs, the hips and the torso in one continuous motion. This was something I learned a long time ago, and as I worked on it I found that along with everything else I was throwing harder with less effort—how not to get a sore arm! 8)