How can this be fixed

I am getting back into baseball and plan on pitching this coming season. I have thrown 2 scrimmages and I am having a problem with not being able to throw strikes. I am not sure exactly want is going on but most of my pitches are low and out of the strike zone. I am not sure if you have a suggestion but i thought i would ask. Thanks for any advice you could give.

Are you right or left handed? When you say ‘out of the zone’ do you mean to the throwing arms side or to the extension side?

Did you start close to home plate or wherever your target is and gradually move back? Did you feel like you rushed yourself? Also, as you release the ball, do your eyes stay on the target or do your eyes move away then back?

There are numerous reasons why you may have control problems.

I am sorry i should have clarified…the pitches that i am missing with are too low…either bouncing at or just past the plate…the in and out is ok…just can not seem to get the ball up in the strike zone.

Without video, all I can suggest is start at a short distance to get accurate and gradually move back as your feel and touch progress.

Get some clips of yourself up and you’ll get a better analysis and answers