How can I train a foward spinning sinker?


I’m looking to start throwing a sinker that spins foward and to the glove side (so it drops and runs arm side). I dont want to supinate the arm, I want to pronate it to achieve this. I don’t want side spin. How can I start learning how to make the ball spin

please do not post things on how to throw pitches other than what I had asked; there are other topics asking how to throw those.


You’re trying to learn another pitch?


Yep…and what’s the old axiom? It ends in something like…and master of none…???

It’s like you find the Fountain of Youth, and you gargle and spit, and don’t bother to drink the good stuff you’ve found.


What do you mean? I only throw a FB and a straight up change. I just asked about other pitches, I don’t throw them. I’ve been debating what to throw; I’ve wanted somethig to sink and this is what I’ve settled on. I haven’t actually been “learning” these.


If you’re using a fastball & change now would probably be best to learn a curve ball. Don’t think many guys have “made it” because they throw something none else throws. They make it cause they throw what everybody else throws better. Stick with hard work and it well serve you better. If you’re not throwing a two seam can work on that. Work on throwing to both sides of the plate, up and down. Finding an exotic pitch may work for you but chances are much better for you sticking with the basics & outworking everyone else. Good luck.


A sinker isn’t exotic, many pitchers throw it because it’s an effective pitch.


A 2 seam FB is a pronated pitch, will sink & run. If you don’t throw one now work on it. Once you’ve got it down can start to think about using variations of the pitch. I guess I don’t understand what you’re talking about with the forward spin.


I think he is talking about pronating so much you are coming around the front of the ball like a screwball but I agree with you just working on a good two seam for a sinker is the way to go. I use my normal 2 seam most of the time which runs out with a but of sink then when I need a ground ball or want a swing and miss ill just add extra pronation to the pitch so it has more downward movement.


Your post is confusing. You say you want glove side and arm side movement but those are opposites. You also say you don’t want side spin but glove and arm side movement both require some degree of side spin.


Sorry about poor wording, ill explain what I mean; I want the ball to SPIN foward with a glove side tilt. I want this to create a sinking and arm side movement. If I use spin to describe a slider, I’d say it SPINS to arm side to move to glove (I’m giving this as a reference point so you know for sure what I mean).


Sinkers don’t spin forward, it’s the backspin and tilted spin axis that creates the movement. Curve balls have top spin because of finger placement but your fingers, for a lack of a better phrasing, will be behind the ball on a sinker. The goal when throwing one is to have it come off your middle finger so that you create the proper rotation, where four seams come off both and breaking balls come off pointer fingers because they’re supinated. A good video to watch to get a better understanding about pitch types and spin is this by Trevor Bauer:

Hope this helped.