How can I throw strikes?


I’m new at to pitching and I have been working on my mechanics and throwing pitches on my own and sometimes with a pitching instructor. For some reason, there’s always been something wrong with my mechanics and I can’t seem to throw a strike or control where my pitches go. Anytime I release the ball, it’s wild and goes all over the place and not even close to the strike zone. I often look at videos of MLB pitchers and observe their mechanics, but I can’t copy them. I’m kind of frustrated and would appreciate if anyone would give me some advice!


How old are you and how long have you been practicing pitching? The MLB pitchers you’re looking at have been practicing a long time and not only have good mechanics but they also have repeatable mechanics. Developing a repeatable delivery takes lots of repetitions.


I’m 15 and I’ve been practicing pitching since December.


I generally have bad control when i don’t look at the plate, or have a and front leg/glove side. Make sure you tuck your glove side in, and have a firm front leg on FFS. A common thing that causes a loss in control is over rotating, by bringing your knee too far back (your back leg is probably a good limit)
Another helpful thing can be the “aim small miss small” philosophy. You’re more likely to have a closer miss when you aim at a small target than a bigger one. Another helpful thing is envision yourself throwing strikes. A study was done with someone throwing darts where they had him try once, and then for a month told him to envision himself hitting the board with darts for 5 mins a day. A month later, they tested him again, and he had a 32% (I think that’s the right number) increase in accuracy.

About your mechanics… I’ve been in the same spot as you. I watched pro players pitching many many many times and it appears I have subconsciously changed my mechanics to theirs, as there has been a drastic change… Without me ever noticing. This is also a phycological effect.


If you’ve just started pitching last month for the first time ever in your life, it’s going to take time to develop a consistency in your mechanics that will enable you to throw strikes. Your goal every time you throw a bullpen/game should be 65%-68% strikes. Good luck and keep working hard.


Try your hardest to keep an even arm slot and point of release. Also just try and throw half speed to try and locate. I share your problem when I put all my gas on my fastball. Just work on keeping a consistent release point and consistent mechanics.
Raise your arm slot unless you are a submariner or already pitch too high.


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