How can I throw a shuuto?


I’m really interested in throwing the shuuto pitch. The shuuto is a pitch that is mostly used by Japanese pitchers. It is a really nasty pitch and mostly effective against a right handed batter and can break inside to their chest. I asked some pitching instructors but none of them have never heard of the shuuto before. I saw a video and it says you grip it like a 2 seam fastball and to throw the shuuto you have to put pressure on your index finger. I did this, but there’s no movement or break to the inside. Does anyone know how I can throw this pitch? There might be something wrong with my grip and I kinda want to hear it from someone who throws it.
Here’s what a shuuto looks like.

Here’s my grip. Tell me if there’s anything wrong with it.


or… you could just master the fastball, change up and slider or curve.


Well the shuuto pitch is just any pitch that breaks inside on a batter from the arm side. Shuutos usually have more exaggerated break; so just put pressure on the index and thumb, and throw it hard. You grip doesn’t need to be that far apart, just grip it like a two-seam and move your fingers off-center.


Darvish with a nice shuuto (inshoot splitter) there, but not the best. How 'bout a 99 mile an hour shuuto from a non-Japanese player? Absolutely nasty indeed, but what shuuto are you looking for? I’ll give you a link for how to get some extra bite on a two-seam


The one in the video where it breaks inside a right handed batter.


If you are trying to throw a screwball then your grip is perfect. Apply pressure with the index finger, begin your fastball motion, and a few moments from your release begin to pronate. Throw it hard and try to form a C with your arm motion after releasing the ball.


supinate I meant supinate not pronate

pronation natural
supination unnatural
Screwball shuuto requires unnatural movement of the hand in order to create movement, and may be the cause of arm injury when throwing the screwball.
Turn the wrist left so that the palm faces forward; this is the arm motion you are looking for.


I heard a screwball could injure your arm so I’m going to stick with trying to throw the shuuto.


The screwball is a pronated pitch, opposite of a curveball


Big misconception there, and I can understand why. Common spread belief, but the last article I showed you clear some of that up. Here’s even more:


This is a short video, pretty decent explanation of a screwball


Help! I practiced pitching today and tried throwing the 2 seam fastball and shuuto but it doesn’t have any movement and looks like a regular fastball.


OMG, just stick with the 4 seam fastball, 2 seam fastball and a good change up…

…or, keep wasting your time trying to throw a crappy pitch and getting frustrated that “it doesn’t work” after 1 day of practice. You will never, ever, get drafted throwing a Shuuto if you don’t have an above-average primary fastball and change up. So why bother wasting your time? Seriously. Can you answer me that?


Well I’m not looking to be a pro in the future and I am already working on my 4 seam fastball and change up. I wanted to throw a shuuto because I want to be different and unique from other pitchers.


Why do you think no one throws it??? Must be a reason.


@Steven_Ellis has a point. This pitch doesn’t even exist. All it really is an exaggerated two-seamer. Stop wasting your time trying to throw a pitch that only certain people know how to throw. You will only see it in Japan, THAT’S IT. No where else because it’s junk, and no one wants junk. Pitching requires practice, not just waving a magic wand and your Roger Clemens or something. I gained 5-10 miles on my fastball, I got better control, I improved my pitching motion as well. It took me about 8 months just to get THAT. I only have a 4-seam and knuckleball. You don’t see people trying to throw wacky stuff in the first place, because it’s WACKY! What I’m saying is leave this pitch behind, and practice pitches that you’ll need. Another thing; it doesn’t matter if you going pro or not. I’m not trying to go pro, but I’m not wasting my time trying to throw some mystery pitch. Also, I apologize for even replying to this. You would have become disinterested if no one really answered you. I decided to reply because I’ve seen this shuuto before and I thought it was cool. I never threw it because there’s no point in throwing it in the first place, it’s so uncommon that there’s not even that much information on how to throw it. Which is exactly what @2022dad is getting at. Let’s just put this discussion to rest.


DONT waste your time with the Shuuto. You should really try to learn the ice cream cone, it is a pitch so rare that you will only ever witness it in a jv practice when the players throw with their opposite hands.


It’s also called the reversed slider for a reason, I can’t think of a worse sounding pitch on your elbow ligaments.
If you really want something weird, change your fastball arm-slot sometimes.


@pitcher1 terrible advice.


What is the terrible advice? To not hurt your elbow?