How can I get topspin on my knuckle curveball?

Hey guys, I’m a 15 year old left handed pitcher and im having an issue with my knuckle curveball. I have movement on it and it breaks alot when I pitch, but im having more of a side/backspin look than a topspin. Whenever my friends throw a curveball they get topspin, but i can never seem to get it. Any tips on topspin for a knuckle curve or curveball?

The keys in my experience are to have the wrist set in a supinated position before you get to release. There should be no wrist twisting during release. The ball rolls off of the middle finger, so you do not want too much index finger involvement. You can even throw it like Wainwright with the index finger lifted completely. That is a good way to get the feel for it. It is also important to have your shoulders pretty square at release. If you are late with the arm it is likely you will get around the ball which makes it considerably flatter.

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I remember when I wanted to throw a knuckleball but got nowhere fast with it because I had a sharp karate-chop wrist snap on my regular curve. So I experimented with a couple of knuckleball grips and came up with—a knuckle-curve. That pitch is a killer; it comes in there looking for all the world like a fastball and then suddenly drops like a glass hitting the floor and shattering into little bits, and I got a lot of strikeouts with it because the batters couldn’t time it! Don’t worry about topspin or sidespin or stick it in the microwave for a minute; just get a good knuckleball grip—you have a couple to choose from—and throw a curve with it. It works best with a low 3/4 or sidearm delivery, by the way; I was a sidearmer and it became my second-best pitch.

If you want top spin on a curve get a 12-6 curveball

Exactly. Want to think about shooting the target. Like making a fake gun gesture but keep your finger on the ball and have it roll up and over the middle finger.