How can I get a commanding fastball?

I pitch for high school and i have really nasty breaking stuff( 12-6 curve, slider, and a sinker)…my change up has potential but none of it is truely effective because i do not have a commanding fastball to back it all up with…any suggestions would be greatly apprecieated (sp?)

Be confident. Bust people inside. Work and gain velocity.

If you are throwing too high, lengthen your stride. Throwing too low, shorten your stride on a fastball. If you are constantly throwing outside then your hips are opening too soon. If you are constantly throwing inside your hips are moving too late.

Don’t mess with your stride in an attempt to get better control. How much practice do you actually do on hitting spots while pitching from a mound, at the proper distance and at game level intensity? I’m going to guess you’ve spent more time on that"…really nasty breaking stuff…" than you have on location as I said above. Make your practice very close to the game situation and spend the time on it. There are no “magic bullets” that will suddenly give you great command. Spend the time on it.

I have to beg to differ with annarborkid

You want the hips to open up about 70% at landing while staying closed so that you can throw with whole body not just the arm. Opening he hips up before landing gives the core a stretch so you can explosivly rotate the shoulders. ALL mlb pitchers do this

Im not saying that you should have your hips totally closed at landing point. Im just saying that if you are throwing outside consistently and not throwing strikes then your hips are opening too soon.

Thanks for the input guys…but when ive had a good warm up i can pick my spots fine…its just that my fastball seems to be meat to some of of the better teams in my league…i dont know if they are just picking it up early or what but its almost demoralizing…(I’ve never been clocked but im sure i can get anywhere inbetween mid to high 70’s consistently)…P.S: yes i know i am no rick vaughn and most likely never will be…

[quote=“annarborkid”]… if you are throwing outside consistently and not throwing strikes then your hips are opening too soon.[/quote]When is too soon? That begs the questions of when is too late and when is just right.

What about my question above re: your practice habits? Specific practice for something of this nature is an obvious requirement. You get good at just what you practice.

well my team has been getting ready for this tourney coming up and we have iner squad games at game speed every practice…i have been brought in to close most of those…but on days we dont have practice i try to go to the field and get some bullpen work in and other stuff for hitting and fielding…

I was pitching one time to my friend at a high school while watching two of my good friends brothers playing. The kid that was catching me had a dad who knew a lot abut pitching. I was throwing hard but throwing high every pitch it seemed like. Then he said make your stride longer and you will have more control. I did that and I threw harder and right down the middle 10 times straight. I find that changing my stride has helped me to find better control.

I’ve never been one to recommend shortening the stride. I advocate for a long stride, as long as it’s because of increasing sideways momentum and not simply by reaching farther with the front foot. My point was really that it’s practice, specific to what you’re attempting to get good at, that is the key here, not any one or 2 mechanical issues. Of course, mechanics are important but a lack of practice is a large factor.