How can i fix long arm action


This is me pitching, as you can see my arm action is too long, how can i fix this and try to improve my control?


Get your center of mass moving down the hill sooner. You don’t start moving forward until after peak of knee lift. This buys a lot of time for your arm to “be long”. Get moving sooner and your arm won’t have time to “be long”.

Work towards moving forward as soon as your front foot comes off the ground.

Check out the Hershiser Drill on YouTube.


You do have a timing issue and need to delay you arm action or as Roger says get your center mass moving earlier… But also the action of your arm getting straight back is what I think you are referring to as “Long”. With your arm action after you break down, you need to think of moving your shoulder and elbow, not your hand. Swinging your hand back and around is not going to load it properly. First your shoulder and elbow pull back into scap load and then your arm rotates up into load position, it should not swing around like a windmill.
There are considerable timing components to when this all happens, too much than I want to go into, you don’t want to be too early if you shorten your arm path, so watch tons of video and see where pitchers are, be mindful of the simple (foot strike) position as I believe arm up into 90/90 should take place at front leg stabilization, not just foot strike…

See slow motion, really just grabbed first slow motion video of MLB pitcher, check out many others of your choice.

Watch how the shoulder and elbow are the leaders of the throwing arm into position and not the hand until the hand rotates up into the 90/90 position. (that rotation up doesn’t happen towards second base but more like short or third, get it?)


Lefty dude,
What causes arm drag is early trunk rotation. This allows the arm to be long or drag behind. He needs to create more hip to shoulder separation. Just another way of saying his hip should open at front foot strike then allow his upper body / trunk and arm to work together in unison.

There are a myriad of videos on You Tube on how to create hip to shoulder separation.

Hope this helps,

Former pitcher and current pitching coach


Hip to shoulder separation, is keeping my shoulder closed while my hips are already open?
Thank you


Here is a perfect example of hip to shoulder