How can I find my "natural" mechanics/style?

I always pitched with what was described to me as “extremely unorthodox and deceptive delivery”. Over the years, every coach I’ve had changed natural parts that were unusual I went to a class about a year ago, and they completely changed my mechanics… I went from rotating my knee to second base to pitching with a slide step, and many other drastic changes. Now, I do not know what my mechanics, or even arm slot is as that’s been changed so many times, and every time I throw the ball I am aware of it. Ive been told by a MiLB coach (online, only talked once) and regular coaches (spring season) that it’s evident in pitching with that is highly unnatural for me. They don’t teach me proper mechanics or anything, as they don’t know. How can I find my Natural mechanics/style?

Go to the outfield and have a coach or friend hit you a few dozen ground balls to the right and left side, so that you’re required to field the ball and make quick throw to third base or home for a bang-bang play. (Remember to crow hop and throw the ball on a line.) Video your throwing motion. That’s basically your natural arm slot.


if taking your lift knee toward 2nd base feels natural then you can still pitch with that style… after you lift your knee toward 2nd make sure your lift knee crosses closely to your other knee as you come forward into your stride, this will allow a more direct line to your target and prevents the lift knee from swinging away from the hips as you move forward… also, focus on having a slow tilt toward home plate as you begin your knee lift that way you’re body will be in motion toward your target before you separate your hands; leading to a bigger stride… ensure that your hands and feet separate at the same time like jumping jacks … separate your hands quickly but keep your arms extended toward home plate until foot strike… allow your head to go into the strike zone just before the release, creating better front-side action to the plate… I hope this helps