How can I ensure that I am using my legs and hip drive?

I’m a graduated senior and looking to play college ball next year, most likely as a walk on/preferred walk on. I’m stuck in the low 80s, and I NEED to get into the upper 80s or minimally mid 80s in order to make the team/log some innings for this upcoming season.

I’m a workout-aholic, lifting 3x a week and running distance/sprints twice a week. I work on flexibility constantly and am very flexible. Basically, I have the tools, but I need to know how to use them in order to fully reach my potential.

My coaches for my club team/at my baseball camp this summer said that I use too much arm/not enough of my legs and hip power, which will lead to lessened velocity and less control. Does anyone know of a way to ensure that I am using my legs/hips so I’m consciously aware of it and know when I’m using it? I know that will make it easier on my arm and I"ll be able to throw harder with less effort as well.

Any tips/drills/advice is appreciated. If necessary, I can post footage of my mechanics

It will be helpful if you can provide some video.


Do you have a pitching coach? If not find someone that knows what you need and have them watch, if that is not available then video yourself and critique yourself, also post it here and let others look.

Search this site for “Hershiser drill” and “Cross-over drill”.

Also, the “towel drill” - done at the proper distance - will give you feedback if you’re using your lower have to generate enough momentum.

I did the hershiser drill after searching the site- thank you Roger, and I felt the “pinch” in my butt/hips while doing it. But when I go back to doing my mechanics, I dont see how it carries over and enables me to use my lower half

Use the Hershiser drill to (1) practice leading with the front hip (front hip should be the only part of the body that touches the fence/wall), and (2) practice the timing of getting the hips moving before the knee comes all the way up.