How can i better my pitching

well i just started playing baseball today so i wanna know how i can get better.

i can throw a ball 170-200 feet

i am 15 years old

The pitches i can throw are

4 seam fastball
2 seam fastball

pitches that i am trying to learn are


my fastball maybe 70-75 mph i don’t really know

i can pitch in the strike zone maybe 5-6 out of 10 times

so i wanna know if theres anything i can do to improve my speed and control

Your too young for a slider. If you just started you should work on fastball and change-up. But mostly fastball location and buildling up your muscles if your just starting. You also need to play catch A LOT. You need to work on getting a nice smooth fluid delivery.

well muscle training etc i already did alot of because tennis serves are extremely similar to pitching

how do i throw a change up? and i didnt like really really like complete beginning no idea thing i played with my catch like every now and then but i just started like seriously today

Whew! You have enough questions to fill a book. But I’ll try to answer a few of them as best I can, because “improving one’s pitching” covers a lot of territory. First of all—you’re fifteen, right? I don’t think that’s too young to start developing a slider. (I was sixteen when I learned to throw that pitch.) The easiest way is to work off the curve ball, assuming you have one. The guy I learned the slider from was an active major-league pitcher, and what he told me was “Throw it like a curve, but roll your wrist, don’t snap it.” That’s the key—the easier wrist action. And it might help if you use a different arm angle, perhaps a low 3/4 or even sidearm, because you can keep the ball down in the strike zone. I was a sidearmer, and when I threw the slider I could get it to break a couple of different ways, and you should have seen what happened to batters as they swung and missed trying to get a piece of it!
Good idea—developing a changeup. In fact—you can turn any pitch into a nice changeup. It’s all in the grip—you just ease up on it, but when you throw it you have to throw with the same arm motion and the same arm speed as your other stuff.
And don’t worry about your speed. Eventually it will come, and once you get past 80 MPH you’ll be well on your way. I’ll stop here, because I don 't want to overload you with a lot of stuff. Just take a few things at a time. :slight_smile:


Can you clarify the difference between “rolling the wrist” and “snapping the wrist”? Thanks!

Okay. Now, the way I threw a curve ball—and this is how many pitchers do it—the wrist action was something like a karate chop, or like pulling down a window shade, a good sharp snap. When Ed Lopat (and what an incredible pitching coach he was!) showed me how to throw the slider, he told me to ease up on the wrist action, just turn it over—that was how he threw a slider. He noted that I threw sidearm, and at one point he told me that my slider would be even more effective if I used the crossfire move when I threw it.
Oh. You ask, what is this crossfire? (chuckle) Well, it’s a move that works only with the sidearm delivery, and here’s how it works. Say you’re a righthanded pitcher. You wind up, or you come to the set position, whatever—but you take a step towards third base and whip around to deliver the pitch, and it looks to the batter as if it were coming at him from third base, and his usual reaction is “Ouch!” as he swings at the pitch and the best he can do is foul it off his foot. (Of course, if you’re a lefthander, you go by way of first base.) I had picked up the move on my own, and one day when I mentioned to Mr. Lopat that I was using the crossfire a good deal he said “Let’s see what you’re doing with it. Just go through the move.” He worked with me on it and helped me refine it. So I threw the slider two ways, in the ordinary fashion and with the crossfire move. Incidentally, my slider had a quick, sharp break to it, and I used it as my strikeout pitch.

i read up on how to throw a circle change is that ok?

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention—that when you throw the slider, you use a very-much-off-center grip, neither with the seams nor across them, and you put more pressure on the index finger.
The circle change shouldn’t be a problem. You form a circle on the side of the ball with your thumb and index finger—and you throw the darn thing with exactly the same motion as for a fast ball. I remember I had a bit of trouble with the circle change because my hand wasn’t quite large enough, but Ed Lopat helped me adjust the grip, make it almost a half-circle—and it worked. It was much easier for me with the new grip, and I was hitting everything on and around the plate.
And have you ever heard of the “slip” pitch? This was something Paul Richards brought with him when he came up to the majors to manage, and he was able to teach it to a couple of guys who had a fair amount of success with it when they could get it to work. It seems that there are two versions of it. One—the one Richards taught—appears to be a variation of the palm ball, although nobody talked about it. The other—the version I know, because I learned it from Mr. Lopat—is a slider thrown with a knuckleball grip (or a knuckleball thrown like a slider, take your pick, it’s the same pitch). I remember when he uncorked it after the 1953 All-Star break, and the batters all over the league were screaming blue murder, not to mention arson, first-degree burglary, armed robbery, grand larceny breaking pitch, and every other felony they could think of—they couldn’t hit it for sour apples! Once I got the hang of it, the batters I faced were reacting the same way, plus some choice expletives every time they swung and missed and lost their balance and fell over on their rear ends with their arms and legs in the air like some overturned bug. If you can throw a slider, you can pick up this pitch and use it effectively. :lol: :wink:

Use 4 seam 2 seam change and just locate and change speeds. Maybe try to play with the 2 seam grip a bit

For you young guys who are new to this, “rolling the wrist” and “turning it over” should be interpretted as pronation (rotation into a thumb down, palm out position) - not supination (rotation into a thumb up, palm in position). Supination while the arm is whipping forward is what tears up elbows.

i get an idea of what to do because i watch baseball everyday

ok so is it ok for me to use these

4 seam
2 seam
circle change

At 15: scrap the slider add the change up. Your order should be Fastball (2 and 4 seam), Change-up, and a few Curveballs. At your age, the tendons of the elbow can not handle the load of a lot of breaking balls-this is a recommendation from a leading orthopedic surgeon. Certainly not the slider whose minimum age is 16 1/2 according to him.

Read Steve’s article about three pitches being enough. The man is dead on! Conscentrate on command! Perfect your release point. Perfect doing some little things that make you better- like covering the box (keeping the ball hidden from the hitter as long as possible…)

Read my posts about arm slots and the suite of pitches from a given arm slot.


[quote=“lambo”]i get an idea of what to do because i watch baseball everyday

ok so is it ok for me to use these

4 seam
2 seam
circle change

Too many pitches. Everyone wants to brag to their friends that they can throw lots of pitches (hey, I did that :p) but just focus on a fastball, changeup and either a sinker or 2-seam. Yes, you only need 3 pitches, now you may want to not even bother with a sinker unless you have the defence to protect you with it.