How can I avoid the Inverted W?



It can be really tough to try to change your arm path. But this exercise/drill can help. Use 3-5 lb neoprene lightweight dumbbells and perform the movement slowly.

Full Range Of Motion (ROM) Drill: Perform slowly! Slowly mimic the arm action of pitching motion. Separate hands down and back by squeezing shoulder blades together and thrusting chest outward. Continue the throwing motion right through your follow through position. Then go in reverse. Be slow and deliberate. Use good form. Repeat.


You can keep the general arm path you have, just try not to swing your arms up. You can scap load but when you swing your arms up the elbow gets above the shoulder into that danger zone.


Though I’m not actually sure if you have an inverted w. You scap load a lot which be potentially dangerous ( scap loading is good, just too much can put stress on your shoulder ) but I believe your elbow on your throwing arm is actually under your shoulder which is where it should be. It’s hard to tell from the angle.