How can I add 5 or 10 mphs

well I used to be able to hit 88 89 but it seems my speeds decreasing… I’d estimate it at 85. I would like to be at 92 mph by the end of the summer because i am going to attend a D1 college so anyone know any exercise that focus on gains.


you could try this throwing program that i got from one of the coaches on this site i could email it to you, it involves some weighted ball throwing which i dont know if you are for it or not but if you want it i have a program, btw what D1 school will you be attending and how were u recruited?

PackerFreek, do you think you could e-mail me that throwing program cause i really need to gain some velocity. im only 15 and threw around 78 but now i throw around 74-75.

Are you sure working more/harder is the answer? Maybe you need to back off for a while.

Check out this][u]thread on dead arm[/u

is it coach kreber 's throwing program?? i’ve been doing it and i have seen good results

Does dead arm happen slowly or is it like all at once?

Will you see a slight decrease or will it be like all of a sudden your throwing slow?

yes I believe it is Coach Krebers

dead arm has to do with it maybe
or even a frozen shoulder but im taking a break
but as soon as i get on i wanna increase and have a breakthrough

i have disguisting offspeed and all i need is a MLB fastball and i have a good chance to get drafted.

packer send me the throwing program at

can i also get the throwing program.

is this program reccomended for someone who isn’t done growing yet?

Thats alright im 18 and 6’3, my family doesnt stop growing until we’re like 23-25

but i’m like 5 foot 8 and 15… :?

I believe it is for anyone, it was tested on high school age players ages 15-18 so you should be good to use it if you want. Booma and RawTalent I sent it to you let me know if you got it.

yeah i got it, thanks :slight_smile:

Can I also get it?


pick me! =] haha packerfreek if yo ucould send it to please.

please send it to me.

send on the throwign program to me to

Sorry, my above E-Mail address was a typo :x is the way to go. I hope you can send it to me :slight_smile:

i cant use it for a few weeks, but could i have the drills too?