How can 4 seam fastball rotate from 6 to 12

I dont see how it can rotate from 6 to 12 unless pitcher pitch almost totaly over teh top.

Pitcher that have lover arm slots and side arm pitchers cant get that right?
Or they put their wrist in that up position at some point?

Daisuke Matsuzakas ball goes from 6-12 (I saw it in a very slow motion).

When I say from 6-12, I mean that 6 is ground and 12 is sky (at right angle).

Sorry for bad grammar and funny question, but this really bothers me since I am learning to pitch from internet (no coaches around here).

Good observation.

It is indeed hard for a sidearm pitcher to throw a 6-12 fastball just as it’s hard for a sidearm pitcher to throw a 12-6 curveball.

However, it’s not impossible and you don’t have to throw straight over the top. While you elbow will be fully extended, it is possible to cant the wrist upward so that the fingers are more vertical. You can also apply more force with the index finger rather than the middle finger.

Is that something I should do? Sometimes my 4 seam fastball rotates all around but not from 6-12.

I see Jeff Weaver palm faces somewhere towards the 3rd base after throwing a fastball. At first I found that weird, but now I understand.

So again, should I focus on it a bit? Looks like its something that can improve my control.

uhhh…isnt this a sinker now?A 4 seam fastball rotates downward trying to rise–therefore being “straight”.Also a fastball has to have max behind the ball otherwise it could have been thrown faster,right?anything else you are doing is off-speed.side/front spins cant possibly be thrown with the same velocity as a 12-6.Do what you want but it aint a 4 seamer no more.

Chris if you tilt your wrist ike that isn’ going to be moer of a cutter? Ian


If the wrist is vertical, then it’ll be a 12-6 fastball. If the wrist is titled toward 3B, then it’ll have some slider-ish kind of action.