How bout them Rays

I don’t know if this was a fluke but the D-Rays slaugtered the Yankees 14-4
I for like the second time ever never got up or moved (beside blinking) . D-Rays worst pitcher Edwin Jackson out dueled Moose. .184 Batter Dioneer Nivarro (former Yankee) Hit a Grand Slam. And BJ Upton hit 2 HRs on in the 2nd Inning that landed one the 1st row of the upper deck in Left field.

then got outscore a bagillion to a little the next 3 games of the series :lol: :lol: :lol: GO SHELLEY!!!

U just wait till next year when Wade Davis gets called up

Whos that?

He’s a pitcher for AA Montgomery Biscuits. He has about 96 mph fastball. I think he has a vid on youtube or google

lol good call futurekaz, the RAYS are looking pretty good so far this year. This is a old post, but I was bored and found a good one to bring back to life. (Except no Wade Davis yet…)

Hah, now Dioner is batter like 340

I KNOW THIS STUFF IS WIERD. Navarro hitting .340. Gross hitting gm winning HR’S. Shield’s punching the crap out of people. Kazmir k’s 10 and still loses. Longoria makes Top 10 plays. Its a whole new ballgame!!! GO RAYS

i only know of one person named longoria, and shes on abc not espn :smiley:

Uptons a beast!! picked him over brandon phillups still happy about it. But hey if you have as many 1st overall picks that they have had your defintley bound for glory :lol: