How 'bout Owings

4-5 with 2 HRs. Man he’s good

He swings the bat well. I’ve seen the D-backs use him as a pinch hitter ahead of some of the other position players.

I’m hoping this maybe starts a trend of having pitchers try to become better hitters. How many times have you been watching a game and your team is batting with 2 outs and the pitcher is up next? Or the other team intentionally walks a batter to get to the pitcher. Automatic outs don’t make for much excitement.

amen to that Roger. thats why im not a big fan of the National League. there’s 51 or 54 total outs in a regulation baseball game(depending on if the home team hit), why would you wanna see the pitcher give up like 6-10 of those outs :lol:

Well, I know I’ve seen Dontrelle Willis hit. He has a good bat, in fact I think they actually bat him 7th.

I’ve seen the Marlin bring in Rick Van Den Hurk (spelling wrong) in the bottom of the 9th at 5th spot

Carlos Zambrano is hands down the best hitting pitcher.

rick ankiel was when he pitched

I donno if its still true to this day but earlier in the year he had a higher BA than the hitters BA against him.

Mike Hampton I think is a great hitting pitcher, but as for Micah Ownings he hit a BUNCH in college as a matter of fact there was talk of drafting him as a 1st round 1B so there was no surprise to me that he hit the ball well.

one of my friends told me he was the best hitters on his college team

I didn’t see it but my son told me the D-backs pinch hitted Owings again against the Brewers.

Owings just jacked another home run. At this moment, he’s 5 for his last 6 with 3 homers.

If he keeps it up they’ll “Babe Ruth” him right into right field…horror of horrors (For a pitcher that is :wink: ).

Kinda like Rick Ankiel, except he had some sort of lack of control problem back in like 2000 where he threw a lot of wild pitches and only had like 2 homeruns and then got switched to outfield and then became a power hitter. But if we ignore all that middle stuff Ankiel is in right field hitting homeruns now and that’s all that matters.

Oh sure “punish” him by making him an everyday MLB player :roll:
We should all have it so rough!!