How bad does a torn UCL hurt?

Yesterday my arm was feeling fine so my friend and I hit then threw some and worked our way out to long toss. On one of the throws, right as I was releasing the ball it felt like somebody “thumped” the inside of my elbow and I felt a ton of pain. I could barely move my arm. Today it feels stiff, sore, heavy, and is a little swollen but I’m not feeling a ton of pain. It definitely felt different then the pain I feel because of medial epicondylitis (diagnosed last year). What do y’all think I did? Is it worth talking my parents into taking me to a doctor?

I am not an expert but I would definitely consider seeing a doctor.

See an orthopedic surgeon.

Listen to your body! If you have pain or discomfort, stop throwing and have your parents take you to your doctor. If you want to continue playing baseball be very cautious with elbow or shoulder pain. “Throwing through it” (the pain) may cause irreversible damage. See a doctor (Orthopedic or sports doctor) and take it slow, as you become a young man 18 - 21 your body will be better suited for the rigors of pitching.

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