How are your umpires? good, bad

This is just a question of curiosity that I had…

I’ve played middle school, high school, semi-pro, rec league, babe ruth, and legion…so far
and right now I’m coaching a rec league team

i’d just like to get some opinions from all over how you feel your local umpires…I’m sure those of you playin school ball will probably have good umpires as i had great umpires in high school

in the semi-pro league its a crap shoot, there are a few great umpries and a few who aren’t so good

with the rec team i’m coaching the umpiring is AWFUL, i guess that’s why its a rec league and all but I just can’t understand it at times how I can see a ball bounce in the dirt yet the umpire see’s a strike!

Babe Ruth was pretty bad aswell

everytime theres a bad umpire its generally a very low strike that’s commonly called, not too many high strikes, its hard to judge the in and outs of the zone

The umpires I’ve worked with at the LL and Middle school level have been pretty good for the most part. The BR league our club team has played in for the past few years has had excellent, if a bit prickly, umpiring and the vast majority of the umpires we’ve had at USSSA, Triple Crown and Super Series tournaments have been very good as well. Perhaps our experience has something to do with the year round work an umpire can get here in AZ.

As for the very low strike that you say is commonly called, this is also a tough pitch to judge from the bucket in front of the dugout, or from where the catcher receives it. Many times the ball will be at the knees as it reaches the front of the strike zone but appear to be well below that point by the time it reaches the catchers’ mitt. This is a pitchers’ forum right? I say extra points to the umpires willing to call that pitch that ends up not looking like a strike. Give credit to the pitcher that can put the ball where he wants it. :smiley:

I’ve looked at video of pitches that seemed to be ankle high from the “bucket” and surprisingly they were just barely below the knees as the ball crossed the plate.

The “bucket” usually gives a pretty good angle for seeing if a ball is above or below the knees while giving no indication at all on inside or outside. You do have to keep in mind where the ball is as it crosses the front of the plate. When you’re standing you tend to see the ball as being lower than it really is.

Whatever an umpire’s strike zone is, consistency is more important than the actual zone.

i am 15 and i play both city and national ball, and in the time that i have been playing, i have found that the umpires in england are varied. we have a few extremely good umpires who have umpired international tournaments, my gb head coach, and city coach among them. however we also have unexperienced umpires who call stikes balls even when they are belt high, centre of the plate. my gb squad was at a tournament in london to practice for the european championships, and one of the umps didn’t even know the infield fly rule. on the whole, it is generally between very poor, and very good.

i play ball in germany and i have to agree with that. umpires in germany (europe) are not as good as the ones in the US when i played highschool ball. over here most of the umpires have problem with judging high balls and breaking balls. the always judge the balls by their straight path of flight and most don´t see the part when the break into the strikezone. their are only a few who are good.[/quote]

I have found that most of the collegiate umpires did very well this year. The Missouri Valley Conference is BALK CRAZY!! and it seems like you get called for a Balk if you dont pause for like 5min :). I even got called for a balk in the MVC tournament when I paused, and everyone in the stands and on the radio couldnt figure it out either.

I felt this yr in the Northwoods league the umpires were aweful!! We had a fly ball go foul by 3ft and had it called fair, missed numerous calls and all umpires seemed to have a chip on their shoulder and when you would ask a question about where it missed you would get tossed!!! :roll: