How are my mechanics?

I know the vid quality isnt great, but im just looking for any advice to increace velocity and avoid injury. Thanks :smiley:

Really tough to see. Can you get some close up video and show from the front and from the 1st base side?

yeah, ill upload a close up view ina few days, thanks for watching

Yea, too hard to see, really like to have a video of you from the 1st base side.

Also, if you can get on a mound, it looks like you are on flat ground in the video. A mound will help us see your mechanics better though, as well as obviously closer.

Yeah lol, it was only clip i had atm, ill get some much better ones uploaded this week. Thanks for feedback.

Its sort of hard to actually see you pitching from that distance,
first of all,
you need to get more balanced.
Make your trunk stay straight until releasing the baseball when it is
good to have a little (just a very, very little) forward tilt of the trunk.
Also, your arm goes too high, and you are coming over your shoulder with your arm. It is most likely a result of breaking the pitching hand from the glove too early. Do not pull your pitching hand out of the glove until you have shifted your weight to the front leg.
Keep throwing high with your arm like that,
and you will be a prime candidate for shoulder surgery.
When throwing, keep the arm at shoulder height.
Above that, and shoulder injuries will occur,
below that, and you will lose velocity.
Make sure you keep your back leg stabilized.
You need to get drive off of it.

Some closer video and/or video in slow motion
of you would be great, also.

Thanks man, i changed alot since the video and now stay loaded on my back leg until release, as opposed so shifting wieght too soon and arching my trunk as you said. This small adjustment changed quite a bit. Also, i will get better clips soon, just gatta remember to bring a camera to the cage lol.